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Full name: Miranda May Kerr
Date of birth: 20.04.1983
Profession: Supermodel
Height: 175 cm Weight: 52 kg
Place of birth: Sydney, Australia
Star sign: Aries
Miranda Kerr – one of the most famous supermodels of our time. And also one of the richest stars. In the pantheon of fashion business simple girl with an Australian farm brought strong character, cheerful disposition and looks very little girl.

Miranda was born in an ordinary family of Australian farmers that the fashion world had nothing but the word “glamor” is likely to be considered a curse. So as a child Miranda had other priorities and joy. More often than not, today remembers the star, they passed the time by washing horses. The only thing that could be considered news from the future, it’s fashion magazines that still got to the farm, and the farmer’s daughter is a treasure. Having read them, she decided once and for all, that would be a dietitian. However, the dream did not come true.

When Miranda was 13 years old, Australia announced a competition for Dolly Magazine model, and somehow the girl spontaneously decided to take part in it. The fact that as a result she had won, it was a big surprise for herself. And, flying to Sydney on photo session in the popular glossy magazine (this was the prize for winning the contest), Miranda herself did not believe that this is not a dream. However, the dream continued, and even turned into a nightmare when after the photo shoot, broke a terrible scandal. Some admired the young model, while others accused her that she took part in child pornography! During the photo shoot she appeared several times in a bathing suit and a very attractive and a grown-up look at his some 14 years! “The magazine for teenagers, but not for men!” – Replied strongly to this beauty, and the scandal gradually died down. Unusual same, almost doll, beauty girl with strong character seen in the fashion business. The very next day after the interview and photo shoot, she got a call from one of the most famous Australian model agency Chadwick Models Melbourne Division, located in Melbourne, and was offered a contract. “Well, – said Miranda, – I agree. But with one condition: first I finish school. ” Again Impressed by the solid nature of the girls, it entered into a contract on its own terms: two years later Miranda began her career as a professional model.

Very soon it became popular in Australia at that, of course, could not miss being in a constant search for fresh faces agents of the world of high fashion. After a year of cooperation with various model agencies native Australia, Miranda became the face of the famous sports brand Billabong. Then he worked with such famous brands kakTigerlily and Roxy. Finally, she was invited to New York.

Voodoo Dolls, Baby Phat, LAMB, Rock and Republic, Levi’s, Anna Molinari, Neiman Marcus, Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine, Seafolly Swimwear, John Richmond … Proposals for the work of the most famous brands in New York and fell on the young model with doll -konfetnoy appearance and playful children’s eyes. Her specialties dimples flashed on the covers of one or the other of a glossy magazine. Until finally, the apartment is not Miranda came the fateful call. It is again, as in childhood, could not believe her ears: she was offered to become “angel» Victoria’s Secret – a model that represents a super-popular brand of underwear. This meant literally an invitation to paradise because “angels” – VIP tier of high fashion. To participate in these shows, at the end of which the models come with a variety of wings, which is why he earned the nickname “angels”, invite only selected – recognized by all beauties. In fact, this call has meant that it has become a world-class supermodel.

Miranda Kerr everything is fine now. “Doll” Beauty continues to emit a positive brand with different covers and posters. Only here for the outputs on the podium, she took a timeout. The fact is that now Miranda something like maternity leave: in 2010, the year she became the wife of popular actor Orlando Bloom, and in the 2011th bore him a son, Christopher Flynn, tirelessly telling reporters as happily married.

– We have been friends with Orlando for at least the first six months from the time we met, and it was a great start. Roman followed the friendship – happy model.

So now Miranda enjoying motherhood and rests, not intending, however, throw and career. Although, with her characteristic prudence, Miranda realizes that this path is not eternal, it is not frustrating.

– I had a dizzying career, but this is not my life – with a proprietary smile explains to journalists like a baby Miranda. – My dream – a hammock, a vegetable garden and a house with solar batteries. I hope she would ever come true.

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