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European Mink for scientific classification refers to the order Carnivora, family Mustelidae, genus weasels and ferrets.
European mink – a predatory animal of small size with a brilliant and dense fur reddish-brown or chestnut color. Lips with a white chin. Her body was flexible and elongated, slightly flattened on top. Paws of animal are short, the fingers are connected swimming membranes. The tail is long, the third part of the body. animal size is 30 to 40 cm, weight about 600-800, the mink live in nature around 6 years in captivity about 12. Typically, they do not emit sounds, but during the mating season males emit when searching female funny giggling noises or whistling . The most developed bodies of mink senses – sight and touch. The animal quickly responds to moving objects.
To date, mink distribution area was reduced and it can be found only in Valdai Lake Ladoga area and some surrounding areas. The number of animals is reduced, it is connected with the appearance and the displacement of its larger American mink. Some researchers believe that the reasons for the decline of the European mink population other, possibly related to overfishing, since it was introduced relatively congener later.
Mink is active all year round. Lives creature on the banks of ponds, rivers and lakes. Rarely settles within 200 meters from the shore of the pond. He loves the forest flow cluttered rivers and streams. He lives in burrows under bushes, among the fallen trees in the roots of trees. Burrows and shelters enjoys most all other weasel, because of which got its name. With the arrival of winter, the animal begins to lead a nomadic life, tries to keep near-freezing waters. The animal swims well. Predator hunts mostly at night, but sometimes in the daytime. The day eats about 200 g of food; if food is abundant, making stocks are not far from the water adds heaps of frogs can pull fish from the nets.
European mink eats almost all small animals that live in water bodies and in their vicinity. Basically eating water rats, frogs, perch and other small fish. If the animal lives near the villages, it may eat poultry or edible garbage. From plant food uses winter berries cranberries or mountain ash and tree seeds.
The main enemy of mink – river otter, though otter prefer more open water, without undergrowth and fallen trees. But where both types are found, the priority of an otter, because it is bigger and better than floats.
During the breeding season the males looking for females living near the habitat of the male, and then can go on longer distances. For one female can chase a lot of males, and gets the right to mate the most aggressive male. Mink Pregnancy lasts about 43-46 days. Then, the female gives birth to 4-5 naked and blind puppies. Externally norchata first remind young black ferret, and only a month and a half beginning to take norochyu true color. milk feeding period takes about 10 weeks, then the offspring with the mother begins to go on the hunt. At 12 weeks, in the autumn, young mink go look for a place of dwelling and become independent.
Mink – useful animal, both for nature and for humans. It regulates the number of small rodents, preying on them.
European mink valuable fur, because of what has often been a victim of hunters. She has valuable and warm fur. On special farms grow a variety of mink color.
Mink European listed as endangered in 1996. Since then, according to scientists, the number of animal stabilized, but the population is not growing. Recently, hunters supposedly ceased to exterminate European mink due to the affordable and easy hunting mink American with a valuable fur. The main problems and reasons for reducing the number of birds is hunting, water pollution, loss of habitat and the presence of competition from the American mink. Unfortunately, the future of the European mink rather indefinite.

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