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Miniature Pinscher

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Miniature Pinscher resemble Dobermans, but differ in miniature size. The peculiarity of this breed – the dancing gait. Its run like a horse gait. Future owners miniature pinscher must remember that dog is very quickly binds to the host, and it will be difficult to experience separation from him.
History of breed
History of the breed has more than 100 years. Homeland dwarf pinscher considered Germany. No reliable sources that when the first representatives of the breed, no. It is known that similar dog lived in Switzerland in the 15th century. According to another version in Germany Pinscher ancestors came from England.
The similarity with the Dobermans in this breed is not accidental. Mr. Doberman has set a goal to bring large dogs just because he was delighted with miniature pinschers. Initially, representatives of the breed were living at the stables. They are great to catch rats and guarded premises. Gradually, they acquired the status of pets. Breeders interested in the breed in the second half of the 19th century. The exhibition Miniature Pinscher were first presented in 1900. After this breed is becoming very popular among Europeans. The Russian dog came from Germany after the Second World War, as a “trophy”. Today it is quite common. Miniature animal is perfect for keeping in the house and the apartment.
Miniature Pinscher have developed skeleton and muscles. They are compact, their growth is not higher than 30 cm. The forehead and muzzle lines are parallel. Their eyes are dark, very expressive. Planting high tail, holding it high up. The tail is docked as a child. The ears are triangular, erect or semi-erect.
Dogs found three colors: red, black and tan and brown and tan. The latter species is now found only in America. Dog Weight not more than 6 kg. This miniature breed is perfect for keeping in the apartment.
Features miniature pinschers
Miniature Pinscher has a peculiar gait that distinguishes them from other breeds. When running or walking the dog raises his front paws high, because of what her movements are similar to the gait of the horse riding.
Miniature Pinscher – a smart energetic dogs that are great for large families or for single people. Owners pinschers have to remember not to indulge much this dog as live with it then it will be not very easy.
Miniature Pinscher is very mobile. They need regular walks and exercise. Miniature Pinscher easy to get along with children. However, strong familiarity with them will not be tolerated. Adult members of this breed is a great companion. In relation to other dogs Pinschers may show aggression. Friendships are only those animals which, together with puppyhood. With other pets Miniature Pinscher can coexist peacefully.
Do not forget that the breed originally caught rats and mice, so the hunting instinct in them strongly developed. On the walk they may run after other small animals, so let them run for free should only be in a fenced area or where there is no danger.
Among the traits of the breed can be noted suspicious. Because of this, dogs are prone to constant barking. Votes cast miniature pinscher and in cases where there is one. Well socialized representatives of the breed can easily perceive the guests, especially if they see that their boss is not in danger.
Muzzle miniature pinscher
Miniature dogs perfectly amenable to training. Intelligent load them as needed, as well as physical. Sometimes it is enough 2-3 reps to dog the team learned.
Health and care
The most popular of the disease, which is subject to a dog:
Dislocation of the shoulder joint,
Glaucoma, urolithiasis.
Sometimes puppies are born with congenital deafness. By the use of medicines to be careful for dog owners. Some drugs may appear allergic reactions. Shampoos with pesticides should be used only if the dog fleas. By the way, in recent years there was an alternative to these means – shampoos with cedar oil.
Grooming miniature pinscher is very simple. The dog almost does not fade and does not have a specific smell. But, despite this, it is required periodically combing to avoid tangles. One or two times a year will need trimming, in other words, the removal of the old hair. The representatives of the breed are prone to obesity. To avoid the problem of regular exercise can help. In addition, you should consider pet’s diet.
Despite the fact that the Miniature Pinscher food requires not so much, it must be different quality. What to choose – dry food or natural food, every owner chooses independently. And then, and more needs to be sufficiently saturated for a dog body with necessary nutrients and elements.
Miniature Pinscher has a short coat that protects them from bad cold. Minor frost tolerant they carry. But at strong colds is to limit the dog walks. While some owners go out of position, getting to your pet warm unitard.
Miniature Pinscher live 15-20 years and are considered to be long-lived among dogs. Representatives of this breed are ideal watchmen. A dog barks loudly and leaping in the case where a protected area it is suitable stranger. Miniature Pinscher differ fearless character. Sometimes they can run up to a fight with another animal, and regardless of the size of the latter. In the battle the representative of this breed can be a serious contender.
When strangers see a miniature dog for the first time, then try to pet her. But the Miniature Pinscher does not allow all and sundry to touch himself. Suspicion is an important feature of the dog’s temperament. Strong healthy parents usually give a healthy litter consists of 3-4 pups. Sometimes they are sometimes more.
Choosing a puppy, you should pay attention to the condition of its coat. A healthy dog has a good appetite and very active. Seek pet better in specialized nurseries, have a good reputation. From the litter, it is desirable to select the most active puppy that will differ good health and cheerful character. Pinscher generally friendly to people. But they need early socialization, especially for those who have spent more than 2 months in the nursery. The owner must be prepared for the fact that these dogs grow up not as fast as we would like. Even two-year-pincher can behave as inexperienced puppy.
Properly selected and adequately educated representative of the breed instantly become the favorite of the whole family. He very graciously refers to all members of the household, but too much attention can be greatly spoiled. From time to time, Miniature Pinscher should be reminded who is the master of the house. But physical punishment should be avoided, as the miniature pinscher is not just touchy, but vindictive.

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