Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 3: The Last Place You Look Desktop wallpaper

Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 3: The Last Place You Look

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The new parts of Minecraft: Story Mode is almost invisible even against the background of pre-holiday calm. And if the second episode was severely smoothed out by critics because of its small extent and mechanized approach, Episode 3 – The Last Place You Look returns faith in Telltale Games.
Unlike previous chapters, in the third episode has all the ingredients of success. The initial QTE scene perfectly integrated into the Intro with the credits, and encounters with the enemy in the middle of the game and the final duel with Iskusiteley laced with adrenaline and highly dramatic. The main characters and especially available in women’s and men’s versions of Jesse, are revealed from an unexpected quarter, as part of this research and find solutions to once again become an integral part of the game.
Plot twists worthy of praise, especially the journey into the world of Undermenu where a dangerous experiment is ready to get out of control. The final battle and tie the fourth episode promises an interesting end of the story Iskusiteley.
At the same time, various choices in the third Chapter is minimal, with the exception of the fitting of the legendary armor, which affects the survival of one or another key character. The solution of the previous parts practically do not render influence on the development of history, but on the battlefield, returning heroes from the first episode that you’re already long goodbye, albeit in a much battered condition. The humor that gave us so many beautiful moments in the pilot episode and draining in the sequel, is also returned together with fresh jokes from pigs and gegami.
Graphically, the game has not changed, and although the scenes become more dynamic in front of you all the same stylistic admiration for the original pixel. However, in some places the designers just gave a wonderful postcard of the gardens from the green bushes and beautiful waterfalls.
Another problem of the past part is the subtitles, which still suffer from the lost endings, the missed fragments of strange translation and adaptation. If Telltale Games loves the Russian market, localization is much more to strive for and to monitor the quality of the final product.
Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 3 – The Last Place You Look refuses complex nonlinear branches, offering players what they’ve always liked in games Telltale Games: interesting story, good humor and great characters. It is already known that the fourth episode should complete the arch on Osushiteli, and it means that studios will have to sweat a lot to convince us to purchase the fifth.

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