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Milla Jovovich – American actress of Russian-Montenegrin origin, a musician, model and fashion designer. Best known for her roles in the films “The Fifth Element”, “Resident Evil”, “His Game”, “Jeanne d’Arc”, “Chaplin” and others.

short biography
Born December 17, 1975 in Kiev. Her father was a pediatrician from Montenegro, and her mother, Galina Loginova, is a famous Soviet actress. Parents met in Kiev, but began to live together after the birth of Milla. The girl’s childhood was spent traveling between the USSR and London, where her father later began to work. Then in 1979 for some time they finally settled in the British capital, and less than a year later they moved to the United States, first to the capital of the state of California, Sacramento, and later to Los Angeles.

Due to the fact that Milla’s parents were from the Soviet Union, at school she was sometimes not treated very well. Her mother tried to pursue an acting career in the United States, but a strong accent significantly impeded this, although she later played in several films. But in the early period she took a job as a servant in the house of director Brian de Palma. From early childhood, Milla grew up a creative person: in addition to her studies in the actor’s group, she studied painting and mastered the guitar. When Millet was fifteen years old, her father was sentenced to twenty years for financial fraud with health insurance, and he spent five years in prison.

Already at the age of eleven, Milla Jovovich’s modeling career began. She was noticed by representatives of an advertising agency, and soon Milla’s face adorned the cover of Lei magazine. The modeling career was rapidly gaining momentum, and in her youthful years, Millet had to become the face of such brands as L’Oreal, Revlon, Versace and Calvin Klein. She made her film debut at the age of thirteen, when Milla performed the role in the film “The Merging of Two Moons”, in the same year she played in the film “Night Train in Kathmandu”. The melodrama “Return to the Blue Lagoon” has become more noticeable. Another successful film was the biographical film “Chaplin”, released in 1992, where Milla performed the role of the wife of the legendary actor. And on the set of the movie “Under the Buzz and in Disarray,” Milla became close to the actor Sean Andrews. The couple quickly got married in Las Vegas, and a month later they canceled the marriage.

In 1993, Jovovich pauses in acting and pays more attention to music. So, in 1994, her first album, The Divine Comedy, was released, and Milla went on a tour of the United States and Europe with her group, Plastic Has Memory.

Four years later (in 1997) Milla Jovovich, by the will of fate, got a role in the new film by Luc Besson “The Fifth Element”. The film was a great success, which contributed to the rise of an acting career Jovovich. And at the end of the same year, Jovovich and Besson got married.

After participating in the work on the film “His Game”, Milla again plays the main role in another Besson film – “Jeanne D’Arc”, thanks to which she consolidates her fame and begins active acting in subsequent years. The award for the Berlin Film Festival received a picture with her participation “Hotel” Million Dollars “, filmed by the script of the leader of the group U2 – Bono. In 2001, the comedy “Exemplary Male” was released, in which the actor Ben Stiller invited Mila to play the role of a model. And next year, she played along with Samuel L. Jackson in the thriller House on Turkish Street.

But the more significant work in 2002 was the painting “Resident Evil”, shot by director Paul Anderson based on the cult computer game. For this role, Milla received a special weekly training. And after the film was released between Anderson and Jovovich, by that time already divorced from Besson, a romance ensued, as a result of which the couple had a daughter in 2007, and they got married. And the film “Resident Evil” later came out three more parts in the form of a continuation, and work on the next one is underway.

In the wake of success, such pictures with Milla Jovovich as “The Doll”, “Well, You and the Fool”, “The Fourth Look”, “The Perfect Escape” and “Stone” saw the light. Among recent works can be noted ribbons “Faces in the crowd” and “Musketeers.”

Milla Jovovich also continues modeling activities and, together with the former model Carmen Hawk, created the Jovovich-Hawk clothing line.

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