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Mila Kunis: “A successful career – the result of hard work ‘
Where born American actress Mila Kunis? How she was able to quickly learn English? What event, according to Mila, it has become the key in her life? Filming the series in which the actress brought first fame? As the film “American Psycho 2” nearly destroyed his career Kunis? What kind of work was a turning point in the work of the actress and earned her award ‘Saturn’? How old Mila met Macaulay Culkin? Is it true that Kunis officially married Ashton Kutcher? That, according to the actress, it was a miracle in her life and why she believes that it is impossible to succeed without difficulty?

Early years
Mila Kunis called the sexiest woman in the world, but few people know that since childhood she suffered Heterochromia: one eye of the actress is light brown, the other – green. Besides, Kunis recently admitted that due to the effects of chronic iritis she did not see with one eye, and only successfully executed operation has returned to her full vision. However, this does not prevent the American actress of Ukrainian origin to be the most desirable woman on the planet.
Mila Kunis was born on August 14, 1983 in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, in a Jewish family. Before moving to America, her father worked in the factory ‘Legmash’, and his mother worked in a school as a teacher of physics. Furthermore Mila, they brought the eldest son Michael.
In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the family moved to Los Angeles. First Mile was very difficult. She did not know the language or the culture, but was immediately forced to go to Rosewood school. According to the actress, the first time she felt blind and deaf. But turning back was not there. Realizing this, Kunis start study English, but by her own admission, was not learned from textbooks, but because of the show ‘Price is Right’, she looked every day.
Gradually Mila has mastered English and began to show a keen interest in drama. In 9 years, parents identified her in acting school in Beverly Hills, where she met Susan Curtis. Getting to know Curtis, according to the actress, played a key role in her life. Soon Susan became manager Kunis and began to move about it on TV.
Pretty face and acting skills have made the business – 10-year-old Kunis became a regular advertising and television. In 1994, she appeared in advertising Barbie dolls. In the same year the debut of Mila on TV – she played the role of a young Hope Williams on an episode of “Days of Our Lives.” But before the first fame was still far off. It took four years to the young actress was noticed and offered a role that will become a turning point in her career.
worldwide fame
In 1998, Mila Kunis was lucky: it was cast in the television series Jackie Burchart ‘That’ 70s Show ‘. As the contenders had to be of legal age, the girl said that soon her birthday. When the director learned that Kunis 14, it was too late. Her acting is so impressed by the creators of the project, they decided to leave a little liar. Participation in the show, which lasted from 1998 to 2006, brought the actress a lot of youth awards and more popular.
In 2001, Mila Fairfax Elder finished school and then while attending the University of California. Although she herself had already decided everything: her vocation – cinema. And soon, the share of the young actress has dropped out the first serious test – the role of the protagonist girlfriend in the film ‘The virus of love’ (2001). His it was more than successful. Critics wrote about the new rising star, and predicted her great future.
They are not wrong, but obviously rushed. After the release of the film “American Psycho 2” (2002), in which Mila played her first leading role, many were disappointed. The actress was also not happy with the film and on their game. In addition, she spoke categorically against the creation of the third part. This situation has a negative impact on career Kunis, who for several years was forgotten producers.
Once, the actress said that luck – it’s a chance that once in a lifetime, but it should work. After the failure of the film “American Psycho 2” Mile it was not easy, but the hard work and belief in yourself will put everything in its place. In 2008 there was a breakthrough in his career Kunis: romantic comedy ‘The flight’, in which she played a key role, was a huge commercial success and great popularity. Critics were delighted by the actress games, which is nominated for ‘Teen Choice Awards’.
Movies ‘Max Payne’ (2008), ‘extract’ (2009), ‘The Book of Eli’ (2010) secured success Kunis Hollywood. The actress became more and more popular. The final point in the debate about his acting abilities Mila delivered in 2010, after playing in the psychological drama ‘Black Swan’ ballerina Lily – rival of the heroine Natalie Portman. Painting has won many awards, and Kunis was nominated for a Golden Globe and received the award “Saturn” for Best Actor. In addition, it has taken away from Venice Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actress.
‘Black Swan’ was a turning point in the career of the movie Mila Kunis. It has become a favorite of the public and critics gained respect. Now, its place in a cohort of Hollywood actors was strong. In 2011, Milla starred with Justin Timberlake in the romantic comedy “Sex Friendship ‘and appeared with Mark Wahlberg in the 2012 comedy’ Ted ‘. Through this work she received the honor talented melodramatic actress.
One of the last roles Kunis – witch Theodora in the fantasy film “Oz: The Great and Powerful” (2013) – has proved that it is an established actress. Now the public is looking forward to the release fi movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ (2015), in which Mila perform the lead female role.
Personal life and other projects
Life Mila Kunis has always been a focus of the journalists. It is known that she met actor ‘That’ 70s Show “Danny Masterson, and then the director of the project Morgan Freeman. In 2002, Kunis became romantically involved with actor Macaulay Culkin. there is information that they get married, but the actress has denied these rumors in a few years. In 2010, Mila and Macaulay officially broke up, saying that remain friends.
A year later, Kunis started dating actor Ashton Kutcher. In September 2014 the couple had a daughter, Isabel Wyatt, and soon they were engaged. The rumors about their marriage officially confirmed. In March 2015, the air talk-show James Corden Mila admitted that she married Kutcher. The main problem for the star is now overweight, she rapidly began to gain after the birth of her daughter. Latest photos Kunis say that the problem she copes. In addition to his film work, Mila Kunis is engaged in the modeling business. In 2012, she signed a contract with the ‘Christian Dior’, becoming the face of the brand’s spring collection. The actress has repeatedly appeared on the covers of magazines ‘Glamour’, ‘Cosmopolitan’, ‘Harper’s Bazaar’. In 2012, the magazine ‘Esquire’ Kunis named the sexiest woman in the world.
The secret of his success Mila Kunis sees heavy hard work. According to the actress, she believes in fate and luck, but nothing would be achieved without difficulty. Miraculously in her life she calls a meeting with the manager Susan Curtis, who believed in her and taught everything concerning movies. Then its success depended entirely on her own. Therefore, according to Kunis does not need to be afraid of his dreams. But in order to implement it, you need a lot of work

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