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Miguel Jose Ferrer

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The beginning of the way
Miguel Ferrer was born on February 7, 1955 in Santa Monica, California, US, in a large family Puerto Rican Josie Ferrer, the owner of the award “Oscar” and American singer Rosemary Clooney. Brothers and sisters, Miguel Ferrer, Mary, Gabriel, and Raphael Monsita, also starred in the movie.
Miguel Ferrer grew up in Hollywood as a teenager his main passion was music, he played the drums for the album Keith Moon “Two Sides of the Moon.” A friend of Miguel Ferrer – Will Robinson from the group “Jenerators” invited him to film the television series “Sunshine”. So with a light hand and a friend launched the film career of Miguel.
Film career
Film career of Miguel Ferrer continued at the beginning of the 1980’s with a cameo in the American TV series 1977-1983, the “California Highway Patrol”. Then the actor has played many roles in such television series as “private detective Magnum,” “Hill Street Blues,” “Hunter John”, “Hotel”, “Miami Vice: Department of manners” and many others. But in 1983, Miguel Ferrer got, even a small part of the waiter, but in fiction feature films “The Man Who Was not There,” and then again followed by shooting on the big screen in the film “Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock” and “Flash,” the sci-fi blockbuster.
In 1987, Miguel Ferrer, brilliantly played a major role – a drug baron Bob Morton, in the action movie “RoboCop”. The partners of the actor Peter Weller Peter began on the set, Nancy Allen, Dan O’Herlihi and Ronny Cox. Fantastic plot of the film showed the history of Robocop – iron man, a former police officer turned into invincible monster. Here it is quite a career, “straightened” and began to wind kinooboroty, Miguel Ferrer began to get more and more interesting proposals, and leading his kinoamplua became the image of “crafty villain with a good sense of humor.” In 1988, rolling out several projects with Miguel Ferrer: “K.E.T. SWAT,” “Defying danger”, “desolate land”, “Deep Star Six”.
In the early 1990s, Miguel Ferrer appeared in three television series: the role of the cynical wit, an FBI specialist Albert Rosenfield in the sensational series “Twin Peaks”; as District Attorney Todd Sparrira in the series “The point of the Shannon ‘; and the role of a cop-Cajun Bo Jack Bowman in the show “psycho cops.”
It became successful and his subsequent film works in the movies: “Guardian”, “drug war: History Camara”, “Revenge”, “Murder in high places”, “Cruel Doubt”, “In the Shadow of the killer,” “Live.” In 1992 already claimed the actor returned to the role of Albert in the feature film, the sequel “Twin Peaks” – “. Twin Peaks Fire Walk with me.” The film is narrated about a young schoolgirl named Laura Palmer, whose daily life is totally different from the night. In the picture the actors involved: Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, Madhu Emiko, Dana Ashbrook, Phoebe Augustine, and the talented Miguel Ferrer closed the list of top performers.
Career continued to develop successfully. Among the most notable roles later in 1993, Miguel Ferrer was listed the main role of Charlie Pope thriller written and directed by David Marconi “Harvest” and the role of commander Ervida Harbinger of the comedy “Hot Shots 2”. The first draft of the American writer, who traveled to Mexico for inspiration, Miguel Ferrer played a duet with Leilani Sarel. In the second film, the actor got a chance to play with such movie stars as: Valeria Golino, Charlie Sheen and Rowan Atkinson.
The new century has brought new proposals. In 2000, Miguel Ferrer appeared before the audience in the form of Eduardo Ruiz in the crime drama “Traffic,” the great director Steven Soderbergh and screenwriter Stephen Gegen. The film also stars veteran movie such as Michael Douglas, Benicio Del Toro, Don Cheadle and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The film opened the drug problem, which touched virtually all sectors of society. The film possessed a lengthy reflection on the interaction between man and the law, society and government.
Then Miguel Ferrer played the role of Dr. Garrett Mesi in the TV crime series 2001-2007, the “dead do not lie” American production, notably appeared in telelente “Law & Order. Criminal Intent” and the film “Sunshine State”. Career Miguel Ferrer continued to successfully emerge, it was popular, in demand and respected. The middle of the first decade of 2000 brought Miguel unfortunately actor fans, and small cameo in the film, “Silver City,” “The Manchurian Candidate,” “Medium,” “The same man,” directed by Forest Mayfield. Writers last picture is Jim Piddock and Margaret Oberman, and the audience will remember the wonderful game of actors: Samuel L. Jackson, Eugene Levy, Luke Goss.
Later, in 2007, Miguel Ferrer successfully entered in the ensemble cast of the sci-fi thriller “The Bionic Woman” with Michelle Ryan and Lucy Hale. At this time in front of the actor’s fans appeared film history of a young woman trapped in an accident, after which she changed the damaged part of the body to specific segments, and they reinforce the biological possibilities of the human body and made him virtually invulnerable. In 2009, Miguel Ferrer starred in a short series “Kings” as the leader of the Army of the Republic Ghat.
In addition to shooting in television and movies Miguel Ferrer took part in voicing the characters of video games “of Halo 2” and “BioShock”. In 1999, at the 41 th awards ceremony, “Grammy” actor was nominated as “the owner of the best voices” who worked for the recording disc for children of “Lion King.” Then Miguel Ferrer lent his voice to the Witch-forecaster who looked like a character from the animated series “Superman”. Another multigeroem from the same series, received the voice of a famous actor, became Aquaman. In 2006 and 2007 Miguel Ferrer worked on the dubbing for heroes series “Robot Chicken” and “American Dad.”
Miguel Ferrer released several comic books, including “The Man-Comet”. Above the books the actor worked with his friend Will Robinson from the group “Jenerators” and artist Kelly Jones.
Personal life
Miguel Ferrer was married to actress Leilani Sarel, with whom he has two sons, Lucas and Rafael. However, family union did not last long. The second time, the actor married Kate Dornan, from her actor Robert was the son of Josiah. In 2005, Miguel Ferrer married for the third time in the Lori Weintraub.

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