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Mickey Rourke (born. Mickey Rourke) was born in 1952, 16 September, in America, in the town of Schenectady in a Catholic family. Real name of the actor – Philip Andre Rourke Jr. (Philip Andre Rourke, Jr.). This actor can love or hate – there is no third.

The Mickey flows Irish and French blood. The father – Philip Andre Rourke, Sr. – loved baseball, so he named his eldest son, Mickey (in honor of the beloved baseball player Mickey Mantle). However, parents separated when Mickey Rourke was barely 6 years old. After his parents divorced in his upbringing and education of his brother Joe and sister Patty engaged mother (Anna) and stepfather (Gene Eddies, a former police officer with unstable mentality).
The relationship with his stepfather went wrong, so Mickey is often lost on the street (at that time his family lived in a disadvantaged suburb of Miami, which is inhabited by gangsters, street thieves, prostitutes, pimps). Mickey Rourke starts to get involved in boxing. Around the same time he attends drama class and Jay Jensen. It is difficult to say that Mickey had already decided to devote his life to acting, but he was able to play.
More at that time he was interested in boxing. But in the age of 19, he was not afraid to compete in the ring with unequal rival, only courage is not always justified, and as a result he gets a serious injury (severe concussion), after which the cross is necessary to put on the box. By the way, precisely because of the boxing hobbies and Mickey Rourke gets injured person, due to which later he was destined to go through a series of unsuccessful plastic surgery.
Rourke switched to his second passion – aktёrstvo. Now he really understands that it is his.
At the age of 23, Rourke flies to New York, where he plans to succeed on her acting career. Then he entered the Actors Studio Lee Strasberg, where for the first time and it says Lawrence Kazdana. So Mickey Rourke gets a small role in the movie “Body Heat.”
However, to really notice the actor only after he played in the film Spielberg’s “1947” and in the movie “Heaven’s Gate” by Michael Cimino. A first sign work Rourke noted in Coppola’s film “The Conquest Fish” (1983). World famous and popular love, as well as the title of sex symbol Mickey Rourke received after the release of “9 and a half weeks,” where he was a brilliant duo of Kim Basinger.
Then Rourke becomes the star of the first magnitude, he was invited to shoot in different pictures. As an actor, he is experiencing unprecedented success. But in the 1990s, Mickey found a deep depression at this time he uses a lot of drinking and illegal drugs. His reputation is tarnished, and very quickly forget about it. There have been several attempts to return to the movies, but every time they turn around failure.
It was only in 2008 on the screens out the film “The Wrestler,” where Mickey Rourke brilliantly starred (aged wrestler Randy “the Ram” Robinson), which earned just three prestigious awards for best actor (a BAFTA, “Golden Globe”, ” Independent spirit “) and was nominated for” Oscar “. It was his actor’s revival. All in all more than 50 Mickey Rourke his film.
As for his personal life, it is worth noting that Mickey Rourke has been married twice. Now he meets a young Russian model.

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