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Michelle Rodriguez

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Michelle Rodriguez – American actress, star of TV series “Lost” blockbuster “Fast and the Furious,” “Resident Evil”, “Avatar.”
Born July 12, 1978 in Texas, in the town of San Antonio, the son of Puerto Rican US Army soldier and a native of the Dominican Republic. When she was 8 years old, her parents divorced, and she had to go with my mother in the Dominican Republic. Before 11 years she lived in Puerto Rico, and then the family returned to the United States, in New Jersey. The energetic and beautiful Michelle with youth trying to get into show business: she dreamed not only of acting fame, she also wanted to write screenplays and direct movies. With 17 years Michael started acting in the crowd scenes in movies and commercials, but without much success. One day, after four years of auditions, she accidentally saw an advertisement for the audition in a low-budget film “Women fight.” 21-year-old Rodriguez walked more than three hundred candidates and took the lead role of Diana Guzman, a girl who despair became a boxer. Michelle jumped at the chance and enthusiastically preparing for the role. The coach was very impressed with her sporting achievements: he admitted that the actress could well become a professional boxer. Bold, with a rebellious character, the actress embodies perfectly on the screen his first heroine. The film was released in 2000. Success followed one after another. For the third work in the movie did Michelle world famous. In 2000, it approved in the Rob Cohen film “Fast and Furious” (2001) about the extreme racer, where she performed the role of reckless Wild Child Letty. Her partner on the set was Vin Diesel. Film waited an incredible box office success: he has collected around the world more than 207 million dollars (with a budget of 38 million). 23-year-old Rodriguez instantly became a movie star. Then Michelle again played in the successful film, thriller Paul U.S.Andersona “Resident Evil” (2002), where, in a duet with Milla Jovovich fought mysterious virus.
Resounding popularity of the actress brought the role of a rebel cop Anna-Lucia Cortez in the “Lost” series (2004-2010): TV project was a hit for six years. In addition, the television series allowed the actress to show their dramatic ability she showed new facets of her acting talent. However, the image of tough and expressive girls Rodriguez created in life, largely thanks to the numerous scandals. Thus, in the 2002’s, she appeared before the court on charges of beating his neighbor in the apartment, and in the 2004th was sentenced to 48 hours community service and jail for violating traffic rules. In 2005, bisexual actress Christiane Loken admitted that she had a relationship with Michelle, but she insists that she is not a lesbian. 2009th year brought a 31-year-old actress a second wave of mass popularity. She starred in the big-budget sci-fi adventure film “Avatar” by James Cameron, and the fourth part of the famous film “The Fast and the Furious.” In 2010, the year Rodriguez appeared with Jessica Alba and Danny Trejo in Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete” a hired killer who framed customers. In 2012, 34-year-old actress decided to put their writing skills and began work on the scripts of two films: family adventure tapes and pictures of the four girls escaped prisoners. Simultaneously, Michelle starred in the sequels of its star pictures: “Fast and Furious 6”, “Machete Kills” and “Resident Evil: Retribution.”

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