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Michael Jackson Climb every mountain
After the death of Michael Jackson has passed seven years, however the phenomenon continues to excite as many fans of the singer and researchers of his work. He twice entered into the Hall of fame rock-n-roll has been repeatedly noted in the Guinness Book of records as the most successful artist, his albums are still in the list of best-selling. With a light hand, Elizabeth Taylor Jackson was nicknamed ‘king of pop’, and its main merit, I think creating a new style of performance, especially clearly reflected in the videos.
The great singer was born on 29 August 1958 and became the eighth of ten children of a former boxer, and later a foundry of the steel plant in Chicago to Joseph Walter Jackson. Jackson Sr. played the guitar and worked in a local music group of Falcons. The mother, Katherine Esther Skruz worked as a clerk while I sang songs in the style of ‘country’. Joseph Jackson adhered to the harsh principles of education, and Michael in his childhood suffered a lot of beatings and moral humiliation which subsequently is not the best way reflected in his character. However, all children in the family inherited the musical abilities of parents. When Joe Jackson discovered that his sons had independently mastered the guitar, he set out to form their musical group. At the rehearsal father came up with a wide belt that mercilessly lashed the sons for the errors.
In 1964 a group called ‘the Jacksons’, composed of Jackie, Tito, Germaine, Marlon and Michael Jackson began their performances. Michael had originally acted in the role of drummer, but once at a school concert, he soulfully sang the song ‘Climb EV’ry mountain’, his father made him the frontman for the band called ‘Jackson 5’. At this point, the childhood of Michael is over, and he really stood up to climb one mountain after another. The group gave concerts in clubs, for children were hired a special teacher, and they were torn between rehearsals, tutorials and Studio recordings. Soon, the Jacksons were invited to ‘Apollo’, the most famous nightclub of new York’s Harlem, where he began his ascent Ella Fitzgerald, James brown, Nina Simone, Jackie Wilson and other celebrities.
After a triumphant speech with the singing of five signed famous Studio ‘Motown’, and the Jacksons moved to Los Angeles. Michael was watching the rehearsals of his idols, Jackie Wilson and James brown, took over their dance style. The band recorded a number of singles that entered the charts, their song ‘I was here’ (1970) topped the ‘Hot hundred’, and Michael Jackson became the idol of teenagers. However, this did not deliver him from his nagging father, in particular, from ridicule over too wide nose. Over time, the group felt dissatisfaction with the terms of the contract with ‘Motown’, which limited their creative and financial potential, and began to cooperate with the Studio’s ‘Epic’ titled ‘the Jacksons’.
In 1979, reaching official adulthood, Michael Jackson told the father that will act independently. In the same year he recorded his first album ‘Off The Wall’, which sold twenty millionth edition, which is still considered the best in disco style. Even more resounding success expect the album Thriller (1982). He brought him seven awards ‘Grammy’, eight ‘Music Awards’, nine months was leading in the ‘Hot dvojcatka’ and kept it for two years. In 1985 this album was recorded in the Guinness Book of records as the biggest selling – its worldwide circulation is over 109 million. In addition to the album, the singer recorded their eponymous 14-minute video, which in 2001 was listed on the national registry of films.
In March 1983, Jackson and his brothers were invited to perform in Pasadena on 25-year anniversary of ‘Motown’, which the singer performed his hit ‘Billie Jean’, and also for the first time demonstrated the famous ‘moonwalk’ has learned from choreographer Jeffrey Daniel. Following the presentation, the brothers signed a contract with ‘PepsiCo’ at the company ‘New generation’. Most of the revenue from concerts, including $ 75 million from the tour ‘Victory Tour’, Jackson gave to charity organizations for narcotics, for which he received the award of President Nixon. In the same year, during the commercial filming of ‘PepsiCo’, the singer received severe burns, and received from the company a payment was transferred to the establishment of the children’s burn center. Jackson had to do some plastic surgeries that caused a lot of incredible rumors. The singer changed the color of their skin, but this was due to long-standing disease vitiligo and not the desire to become white. His legendary shot in the chamber was associated with the presentation of the burn center and not with household habits.
Michael Jackson changed the shape of the nose and chin, most likely due to his childhood experiences. Besides painful operations forced the singer to take powerful drugs. To avoid undue attention, Jackson led a secluded life on his ranch. Perhaps because of this, his album ‘Bad’ (1987) was met pretty cool, although five of the included tracks were hits, and tour with the presentation of this album attracted a record number of spectators and $ 125 million.
In 1991, Jackson released the album ‘Dangerous’, which includes his latest hit ‘Black or White’, quickly took first place not only in American but also in European charts. Concert tour of this album took place in many countries of the world, including in Russia. The video ‘Black or White’ after the premiere on TV was cut – it was removed from the dance with Jackson, in which he crushes all around.
In 1993, around the singer’s scandal – dentist Chandler accused Jackson of molesting his 13-year-old son Jordan. After lengthy litigation, the parties established a world trade for which Chandler received 22 million dollars and refused to testify against Jackson (later Jordan admitted that he had slandered Jackson at his father’s insistence). All this time, the singer received strong moral support from his longtime girlfriend, daughter of the legendary Elvis Lisa Marie. In 1994 they were married, which was terminated in 1996. The second wife of Michael and was Debbie Rowe, the nurse who helped the singer to cope with vitiligo. They had a son Prince Michael (1997) and daughter Paris Michael (1998), and in 1999, the couple divorced.
In 2001, after a long hiatus, Michael Jackson released the album ‘Invincible’, the presentation of which was held with the participation of his brothers and Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and other stars. In 2002, the singer has another son Prince Michael II, born to a surrogate mother. Next year in the life of Jackson occurred at once two important events: he released a collection of his hits ‘Number Ones’ and again appeared in court on charges of molesting Gwen’s, arvizo, a thirteen year old teenager. This time the singer was arrested, his house was searched. The trial of Jackson, held in 2005, attracted autumn big media attention. The fault of the singer has not been proven, but the trial undermined his health and drained Bank account. In 2009, after several failed projects, Michael Jackson announced a farewell tour. Demand for tickets far exceeded the planned number of concerts, but they never took place. June 25, 2009, made by the doctor after the injection of a sedative drug, the singer died.

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