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Real name: Frederick Reginald Ironside · Place of birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada · birth Date: 12.02.1950 · Occupation: Actor, producer, screenwriter, director · Build: average · Height: 180 cm · Color of eyes: brown · hair Color: brown · Zodiac: Aquarius · Ethnicity/race: white · University: Ontario College of Art · native Country: Canada
Michael Ironside Michael Ironside in The Alphabet Killer/In the alphabetical order Michael Ironside in The Alphabet Killer/In the alphabetical order Michael Ironside in The Alphabet Killer/In the alphabetical order
Michael Ironside has made over the years a strong impression and indelible, making portretizari incredible of some of the characters most of the times scary and “wild”.
Born as Frederick Reginald Ironside on February 12, 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Michael was in his early years teenage years regional champion and vice national champion in arm wrestling. Due to the fact that the fight mainly with his left arm, now, after 40 years, still notice a small difference in thickness between the two arms.
As a matter of fact, a few times in his career he played roles of a return of the characters they were losing one arm: Total Recall (1990), Starship Troopers (1997), El maquinista (2004) and Guy X (2005) and if it hadn’t been too busy, was going to play the role of Murphy in RoboCop (1987), who loses in the film both arms.
His ambition initial was to become a writer, and at the age of 15 years, Michael wrote a song, “The Shelter” (Shelter), the song that won first prize in a university contest attended by competitors from all over Canada. With the money you earn in the result of the contest, the young man realized the putting in scene of the play. Ironside attended the “Ontario College of Art”, studying the art of acting with Janine Manatis (the same who had to “learn” later on Jim Carrey) and then have to study three years and at the “Canadian National Film Board”.
Ironside worked some time in construction before taking charge of his acting career in the late ‘70s. The actor have to receive a lot of praise in the wake of the role of Darryl Revok in the production of “Scanners” by David Cronenberg, and then in the following portretizarii his Colt Hawker, a psychopath, a misogynist in subestimatul “Visiting Hours”.
Other memorable roles include “Detective Roersch” in the thriller “Cross Country”, the bishop’s Overdog in the spectacular “Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone,” one of his Jester in the blockbuster “Top Gun,” Paul Hackett in “Extreme Prejudice,” loner veteran “Ben” in “Nowhere to Hide,” the durului Lem Johnson in “Watchers,” and the immortal General Katana in “Highlander II: The Quickening.”
In addition, Ironside has appeared with success in two films of the success of the SF genre directed by Paul Verhoeven, “the dutchman pervert” as he says Kubrik, the best role of the villain as “the evil” Richter in “Total Recall” (with Sharon Stone and Arnold) and excellent, as usual, in the role of veteran lieutenant Jean Rasczak in “Starship Troopers” (with Casper van Dien).
Ironside their looks and sensitive side in the drama “Chaindance;” the film for which he was co-screenwriter and executive producer. Michael was exceptional in the role of the mercenary Ham Tyler in the television series for the television “V”, in its sequel , “V: The Final Battle,” and then in a few TV shows of short duration. All in a TV series, “SeaQuest DSV”, Ironside had a role which made him to be loved by the public.
Also Michael have to appear in television programs and in a few episodic roles of the invited productions as: “The A-Team,” “Hill Street Blues,” “Mike Hammer,” “The Hitchhiker,” “Tales from the Crypt,” “Superman,” “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “The Outer Limits,” “ER,” “Smallville,” “ER,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Justice League,” and “Masters of Horror.”
Recently Ironside has won lot of acclaim and a nomination at the “Gemini Award” for the role of exception of a the leader of a gang of bikers, Bob Durelle in the acclaimed series Canadian, “The Last Chapter.” Besides his work substantial as an actor in TV and film, Michael has lent his voice gravelly and distinctive, and in a number of commercials and games to your computer.
It is the second marriage of both has a child, one of them is actress Adrienne Ironside. When he’s asked what kind of roles I prefer, used to answer:” I like playing bad guys, because good guys are beaten up several times during the movie. The bad guys are beaten only once, at the end. “

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