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Michael Fassbender

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Michael Fassbender – Irish actor, winner of the Volpi Cup for Best Actor in the film “Shame” (2011), known for the film “The Hunger,” “A Dangerous Method”, “Prometheus”.
Michael was born on April 2, 1977 in Germany, but after three years moved Fassbender mother’s home to Ireland. In Killarney, his father a German-opened restaurant, where Michael and his sister worked hard since childhood. The boy loved music, but learning to play the violin was expensive, so not spoiled Michael mastered playing the guitar and accordion. “My sister and I soon realized that the world is not governed by justice, and good luck. And only help shape the character of difficulties “, – says the actor. Climb the Hollywood Olympus has really helped him years of hard work and a case of luck. However, up to 17 years, and Michael was not thinking about play-acting and wanted to play heavy metal. “One day, a former classmate put the play in my college, I joined and realized that that’s what I want to do!” – Says Fassbender. At age 19, he went to London, where he enrolled in drama school. Earning the bartender, the dishwasher, he occasionally appeared on television. The first serious job was at age 24, played the sergeant in the popular miniseries “Band of Brothers.” Up to 30 years Michael vegetating in the abyss of obscurity from which it pulled director Steve McQueen, suggesting an unknown actor to the main role in the drama “Hunger” (2008). Soon, the director realized that raised a real pearl from the ocean floor. Fassbender brilliantly embodied the image of the political prisoner, starved himself starve to death in protest against the British authorities. Michael has won many awards. For the cinema world as if the actor jumped out of nowhere. Directed wondered how they could ignore this charming man with a remarkable talent for the dramatic. He began to receive calls from the greatest contemporary directors. in the “Aquarium” drama In the year 2009, he played Lieutenant Hickox Quentin Tarantino, “Inglourious Basterds” and willed the red tape. Then Mr. Rochester in “Jane Eyre” (2011), the iconic role of Magneto in the “X-Men: First Class” (2011) and the psychoanalyst Carl Jung drama “A Dangerous Method” (2011) by David Cronenberg. Fassbender travels to festivals, basking in the glow of love. However, his fame does not care: “I had a lot of work, like a fairy tale about Cinderella – it Brokeback many years, but no one notices her effort … And here comes the royal ball … You send in luxurious penthouse suit … and where they were when you did not have money for a bus ticket? ”
An even bigger triumph and admiration of critics Fassi as it is affectionately known by millions of fans, found after all the same McQueen took his drama “Shame” (2011). Michael plays a sexually hungry man who selflessly masturbates and brings a frenzy of prostitutes, but is afraid of emotional intimacy with women. The painting was the “scandal” of the Venice Film Festival, but also a breakthrough in Michael’s career, which for the excellent work won the prestigious Volpi Cup. Courageous, noble, with incredible charisma, has a stunning figure and dramatic talent of Michael Fassbender is equally pleasant both in blockbusters and independent artahausnyh projects. He found love and the mass public and of highbrow intellectuals. “Maybe he’s one of the best three or four actors in general,” – he said about him by Ridley Scott and starred as the android David in the film “Prometheus” (2012) and the film “Advisor” (2013). And Steve McQueen once again takes “his discovery” in the film “Twelve years of slavery” where Fassi playing in a place with Brad Pitt.

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