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Michael Caine – one of the most popular British actors in Hollywood, two-time winner of the “Oscar”, the owner of several “Golden Globe”. Best known for the films “The Cider House Rules,” “The Prestige,” “The Man Who Would Be King,” “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” “Batman Begins”
Hollywood favorite, produced by the Queen of England knighted Sir Maurice Maykluayt – not aristocratic origin. Maurice Joseph was born March 14, 1933 in London and grew up in the slums of deep poverty in the family porter and janitor. Most boy wanted to break out of the ghetto and mendicant have a lot of money. But not even finished school, since 16 years began to work. Bleak future and hopelessness in the air – that’s all what he grew up. In search of a better life, Maurice tried to make a career of the military. But in 18 years, once in the thick of the Korean War, he realized that the service is ungrateful. At 22, a friend gave him an assistant steward in the theater. Supervisory Maurice was surprised to find that being an actor is not so hard, but the fame and money not to take them. In just a few months, Maurice graduated acting classes, read a couple of the plays of Shakespeare and one grant from film director Pudovkin and went to the theater in Suffolk, where he took the pseudonym “Michael Caine”. Prima Theater Patricia Haines taught the boy from the ghetto and good manners, and craft. And then she married him and gave him a daughter (though the marriage did not last long).
Kane began to actively look for a job in the movies. And he was lucky. Filming in the television series, he found an influential friend, then already famous actor Sean Connery, who “promoted” a friend in the movie, as he could, representing the directors. Kane’s debut took place in 1956 in the film “The mountain in Korea.” And in 1964, he embodied the image of the aristocrat-lieutenant in the film “Zulu”. Michael Caine took on any role, enjoying more fees Since then. But, despite the promiscuity in the choice of the actor quickly he showed that talented. In addition to the heap maloprimechatelnyh films, Kane managed to work in masterpiece paintings. Featuring the latest, by the 33 years of Michael Caine reached worldwide recognition.
Englishman loved even Americans honor his nomination for “Oscar” for her role as Holly in the eponymous 1966 film. In 1972, Kane played with the legendary Laurence Olivier in “Sleuth” drama and was again nominated for “Oscar”. For the embodiment of the image of drunken professor in “Educating Rita” (1983) and the adventurer in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” (1988) Kane won the “Golden Globe”. A work in Woody Allen’s “Hannah and her Sisters” (1986) earned him the victory and the long-awaited “Oscar”. The third “Golden Globe Award” he received for the film “The voice” (1998), and the second statuette “Oscar” for his work in the drama “The Cider House Rules” (1999). Soon Kane was again nominated for an “Oscar” for the title role in “The Quiet American” drama (2002).
In 40 years, Maurice married Shakira Baksh, which saw advertising of coffee. She gave him a second daughter. Having grown rich, 46-year-old Maurice left the native Britain, as the government, in his opinion, they besieged it too much tax. In America, he adored. Kane was one of the most popular British actors in Hollywood, while in England, in spite of all the awards, he was considered a greedy upstart. “If Michael Caine and go down in history, it is only as the sole actor, who owns a fleet of” Rolls-Royce “, – said British actor Richard Harris. But at age 54, Maurice returned home that did not stop him to successfully star in Hollywood. So, Kane played the butler Alfred in the blockbuster series of Batman ( “Batman Begins” (2005), “The Dark Knight” (2008), “The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

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