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Michael Kay Bean was born on 31 July 1957 in Anniston, Alabama.
To 15 years, the future actor lived in the capital city of Nebraska – Lincoln. While in high school, willingly took part in productions of the local Amateur theater. But no less willingly played war with the neighborhood boys (later appearing in “Strangers”, Bin will say that designed for film rifle of the future reminded him of his childhood).
In 1971 the family moved to the small town of lake Havasu city in Arizona, where Michael graduated from high school and enrolled in College. However, he studied there for long: after learning that the Department of drama at the University of Arizona announced a contest whose winner gets the right to free education and a special scholarship, Michael took part in this competition and won it. After that, he immediately left College, despite the protests of parents. “In College I didn’t like the University too, he recalls. – I studied badly, and one day decided to run away to Los Angeles. Said go to Hollywood to become an actor. Actually it was just an excuse not to learn: I had to first understand what I want. In those years, I somehow thought that I would become a teacher. I didn’t care to teach physical education or the craft of acting. If I said I really want to be a professional actor, I wouldn’t have believed it”.
Once in 1975 in the capital of American cinema, a guy with a cute face and athletic figure fairly quickly became his own man in the party aspiring actors. “I enrolled in acting classes and met a lot of people, he said afterwards. – Posed for magazines, starred in commercials. Eventually joined the screen actors Guild. I was sure that this was the maximum what I can achieve. Well, I thought, great, I will be able to make a living such a cushy job!” Probably, Bin was a bit cunning in saying it. Continuing to act in commercials, he took private acting lessons from Vincent chase and tried to break into the world of cinema, however, a “back door”: moonlighting at the television Studio administrator telepresence and title editor. The first role of Michael Bina managed to get only 1977: for him, then there was a place in one of episodical quickly descended from the television series “the Flight of Logan”; after that, he started to regularly appear in television movies, most of which happily passed away. Despite the beautiful appearance, it is not exactly the image of a “handsome American man”. In his dark eyes, a glimpse of vulnerability and a dangerous unpredictability, the ability at any time to perform the feat or go on a crime. Still the best roles of this two-faced Janus were either heroes in extreme situations, or the scoundrels in everyday life. Rare duality of the actor’s gift Bina comparable, perhaps, only with the phenomenon of the legendary Humphrey Bogart – by the way, in his first big movie “Fan” the young actor became a partner of the widow Bogart Lauren Bacall… In the “Fan” Bin plays a fanatical pursuer of the famous actress, who stopped at nothing to reach the object of its desires. “The film was conceived as a psychological drama, the actor recounts. But shortly before the film appeared such movies as “Friday the 13th”, and the producers had to urgently reshape the script, had replaced the Director and made an emphasis on horror. Filming was a nightmare – Lauren Bacall was in hysterics from the new Director, Edward Bianchi, who had rented only promotional clips. Then I still didn’t understand. Watched her arguing with the Director, and thought: what a bitch! How can you be so mean? Why won’t she do what she asks the Director? Bin sadly grins. – In ten years I was myself in her shoes and realized that she was desperately fighting to not become a crap!”.
In 1983, the Bin came to audition for James Cameron, who prepared the project “the Terminator”. “Friends laughed at me when I said that in his new film I will fight with the robot, – he recalls. – Then people with a prejudice against such films”. But the Bina prejudice was not. He quickly found a common language with Cameron, they became great friends, and to date, Bean has already starred in four films Cameron’s “the Terminator,” “Aliens,” “the Abyss” and “Terminator 2”. The last of these scenes with his participation were cut (they were later restored in the “special uncut version”, released on video and DVD), and Hollywood have spread the rumors that the former friends fell out badly. However, David Cameron during his visit to Moscow in 1998 claimed that they Binom still good friends and that he does not exclude the possibility of their cooperation in the future.
Despite the success of Cameron’s films, “the Abyss”, released in 1989, was the last hit movie in which Michael played a major role… the cause total bad luck in the choice of roles and to put it mildly not the most docile character. A year after the release of “the Abyss” Michael brought serku at the shooting area of “Sea lion”, literally refusing to play by the script (according to rumors, the script was rewritten Michael and Charlie Sheen that made the movie more watchable or less). This could not affect producer who became wary of the young star. As a result, Michael gave either small roles in hits (such as “Tombstone”, “Rock”, “Art of war”), or starring roles in films the passing (perecheslyat there is no need – they scored all the current filmography of the actor).
In 2007 there is hope for recovery Michael status “of the actor who plays the hits”
Planet Of Fear
“Planet terror” segment “Grindhouse” Robert Rodriguez, though failed at the box office (it earned around 11 million, with almost 100 embedded), but became one of the brightest events of 2007, and Michael played in it not last role, but… But Michael took up the old – vague-role in the base films.
However, in the series Michael knows the good he has starred in blockbuster “criminal minds,” and growing “Under Cover”.
In 2010 had another debut – Michael biehn made the film “The Blood Bond”.

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