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Michael B. Jordan

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Michael B. Jordan: Biography
Michael B. Jordan (Michael Bakari Jordan) is a young but already eminent actor who starred in a dozen TV shows and at least a number of movies. American journalists included him in the top 100 sexiest men of television in 2011 and in the top thirty young people who are changing the world. The critics named Michael the Breakthrough star and were awarded with prestigious awards for roles in the films “Frutvale Station” and “Creed: Rocky’s Legacy”.

Childhood and youth
Biography of Michael Bakary Jordan begins on February 9, 1987, when a son was born to a family of sports fans Donna and Michael A. Jordan. There was an event in the town of Santa Ana in California, but later the family moved to Newark, New Jersey, where the children were educated.

The name of the boy was given simultaneously in honor of his father and the famous basketball player Michael Jordan, not forgetting to pay tribute to the ancestors. In translation from Swahili, “Bakary” means “good news” or, according to another version, “the word of a noble man.” The eldest daughter and the youngest son of Jordan were named Jamila and Khalid.

Khalid became a football player, and Michael initially chose a career model. After studying at the school of arts, he advertised sports goods and children’s toys until he got into the film industry. Twelve-year-old teenager Michael lit up in the episodes of the television series “Cosby” and “The Sopranos” and began climbing to the heights of the acting profession.

Small roles in the popular series “Doctor House”, “Listening”, “Deceive me”, “Fires of Friday Night” taught the actor the subtleties of the profession. Playing small roles in the television series Jordan began in the last century, but the fame came to him in 2013 after the release of the drama “Station” Frutvale. ” This film was a breakthrough in his career, not only for the actor, but also for director Ryan Kugler.

The lion’s share of the success of the film brought the performer of the main role. Jordan is simply gorgeous in the role of a newly released unemployed, unlucky but charming guy. Cooperation between Jordan and Kugler continued in the work on the film “Creed: The Legacy of Rocky.”

Interestingly, the playing role of boxer Adonis Creed Michael had no doubler during filming. All the fights the actor had to portray for real, for which he took boxing lessons from Corey Culliet for a year. Nevertheless, despite all the skill of the crew, bruises and abrasions constantly appeared on the body of Michael after battles and training. For all the anguish, the actor gained success with the public and the recognition of critics.

The National Men’s Film Critics Society, the All Def Movie Awards, the Black Reel Awards, the Boston Online Film Critics Association and the Black Cinema Critics Society recognized Jordan’s best male role. The Association of African American Film Critics awarded the actor for the most vivid performance of the role.

In addition to serials and feature films, the actor’s track record includes the voice of the characters in the computer game Gears of War 3 and the cartoon “Justice League: The Paradox of the source of the conflict.” In 2016, Jordan starred in an Apple commercial along with basketball player Kobe Bryant, presenting a series of NBA games 2017. Jordan tried his hand at being a producer and found this activity attractive:

“I’m interested in everything – in my heart I’m a producer. And not only films with their own participation! “

Personal life
Diligent exercise in sports in his youth helped the future actor to form a proportional figure. The height and weight of Michael is 182 cm and 69 kg, respectively. The volume of the chest is 104 cm, the waist is 84 cm, and the biceps is 37 cm. In the Instagram you can see many effective photographs and videos from filming, conferences and other events with his participation.

At thirty, the handsome man is not married yet, nothing is known about his romantic relationship, and the fans do not lose hope of winning his love. Probably, therefore, the joint photo of Michael and Kendall Jenner, flashed in the press in 2015, made the effect of the bomb exploding among the fans. However, it quickly became clear that in one frame the actor and the star of the reality show were accidentally hit.

For three years of work in the television series “Fires of Friday night,” Jordan is so used to living in the apartment where he was filming that he decided to leave it behind him.

Need to purchase more prestigious housing actor has not yet experienced.

Michael B. Jordan is now
Now fans of the work of Michael B. Jordan are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the film “Black Panther”, scheduled for February this year. The film was directed by Ryan Kugler, already familiar to the audience, and Jordan played the role of Eric Killmonger, a Vicar exile who returned to his homeland to overthrow King T’Chall (Black Panther), whose role is played by Chadwick Bozeman.

Not even familiar with the characters of the universe “Marvel” man understands that the fabric of the film will be densely sated with adventures and battle scenes, which Michael’s game will turn into a magnificent spectacle. Despite the fact that the athletic training actor again engaged in Corey Callet, to perform the tricks in this film, Jordan needed doublers. Exotic appearance of the character (his middle name is the Golden Jaguar), hairstyle and fantasy outfit help the actor create an image that does not resemble any of his previous works.

The result of the joint work of the actor and coach can be admired in the film “Creed-2”, the continuation of the painting “Creed: the legacy of Rocky.” Soon there will be released on the screens and a fantastic film “451 degrees Fahrenheit”, the work on which was produced by Michael B. Jordan.

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