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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Actual platform: PS4
1984 th year, Afghanistan. On the dusty road rides a lone rider with a bionic hand. Suddenly he pulls the reins and stop the horse. On the command “Come on!” She makes an effort and dumps a pile of shit on the ground. Later on it zabuksuet jeep Soviet soldatnёy, but it will be later, and now in front of our hero enemy avanopst, sparkling polished sides of containers, the new machine guns and bronetransportom.
Unsuspecting military talk, discuss the difficulties of translation from Russian into English and succeed each other in the guard. Suddenly out of the bushes emerges shadow. Several shots – and the entire garrison peacefully snoring. Another moment – and a stranger sends into the sky on balloons everything that is not bolted to the ground. “Good work, boss, it is useful to us!”
There is still a lot of work …
Shrouded dramas and grievances Metal Gear Solid V, the last word of Hideo Kojima (Hideo Kojima) in about robots with feet stories, in absentia and has become a cult game of the year. Corporate plot, popular among the people elements and eternally young Japanese creator – seemingly trouble-free combination. Alas, only in appearance.
I will not dissemble and pretend – I always treated MGS with unconcealed irony and did not perceive a strange “oriental flavor” seriously. Short acquaintance to the second and third parts of the license has not left good memories. Certainly full of righteous anger at the sight of a fan of Snake verdict wants me to dip into a vat of boiling oil, accused of ignorance and critical materiel necessary for the perception of what is happening on the screen, a series of nuances. It is possible, but before furiously knock on the keys insults, recommend reading a review from start to finish.
Oddly, neither the plot with paranormal devilry, neither sheep evacuation a balloon of issues just do not have any – I realized after a steep prologue, anywhere, and on anything not surprised. Holograms, robots, laptop computer and artificial intelligence in 1984? No problem, I believe. Moreover, the global story of private military corporations, control over nuclear weapons, the UN, the IAEA and attacked the Soviet troops to Afghanistan looks fresh on the background of confrontation snotty offended for the whole world to the former-employee-NSA in the average military-action movie. I never thought that MGS afford inspire me and get to listen to half an hour record, but it really happened. I can not vouch for the fans of Kojima, but I, as a novice, the story seemed very exciting. Add to this the fantastic spectacular cutscenes – all beauty!
All the problems of Metal Gear Solid V lie in the gameplay itself, which can describe a “tweet” – “a typical open-world.”
“Need more gold!”
Recover from the coma, Big Boss (aka Snake) finds himself in the main base (Mother Base) in the company Ocelot and other funny names. Over the years, the world has changed – you need to re-raise the business to return to war. In one second on the gloomy hero falls terrible bytovuha Gather resources, find transportation, enlist people, and then distribute them to different units depending on the skills and still could use a translator … At this point, you realize that a sharp thriller inevitably turn into sim transportation.
There is a correct association with Dragon Age: Inquisition – following some strange fashion, The Phantom Pain immerses the player into the abyss of numbers, counters progress and minor fuss. Seen shit Snake Head solid PMC Diamond Dogs, crawling on all fours in search of medicinal herbs, the legendary dogs bears. What a PR manager from Konami confidently say that all this is not necessary, but in fact necessary. At one point on the job need to “pump” the balloon, and the need for its production research department level 25, 5000 minerals and two crows. Come on, boss, yes biscuits for tea, do not forget!
Irritant micromanagement in all its splendor offering Snake a lot of ways to kill a dozen or two hours, and a tired soldier, it seems, is not looking for revenge, not trying to understand the insidious plans of the organization, “Code”, and sticks for material well-being of the main base. Later zamaterevshie soldiers, minions can do to fulfill the contracts, earning money and ensuring the flow of recruits, but to fully automate the process will fail.
Why all this? Main – for the sake of “pumping”. Counter available studies consistently show “99+”. First, from the variety of rifles, rocket launcher and traps for small animals scatter eyes, but later you realize that you can do is, roughly speaking, a gun with a tranquilizer. The Phantom Pain is very simple. I took the mission at different levels of difficulty, with and without modifiers, “extreme”, without delay, without equipment, with the failure of the first discovery – all easily. In addition, it is clear that an open world “sharpened” under a well-defined style of play – secretive. Assault with fireworks shelling simply unprofitable, because it spoils the rating, plus a potentially valuable recruits could easily catch a stray bullet teeth, and it’s bad for business. Where humane and rational quietly clean up the location, having lulled all tranquilizer and then slowly pick who gets a ticket to the base in one way.
open-world concept of Big Boss gave little good. Available in Metal Gear Solid V expanses frightening monotony. There is simply nothing to do, so you have 10 minutes to wind circles between one job and the second, hoping to find at least a donkey. Needless to say, the theoretical richness of tactics like as impressive. Nominally MGS V allows almost everything, but on their own do not feel like experimenting, and Kojima, in general, does not insist. Artificial intelligence is hopelessly stupid, and even if the Soviet killer, blew up a dozen villages, suddenly finds Snake voruyuschim a couple of tanks, you can simply hide in the nearby bushes. “Probably, it was a rat,” – in a moment decides the enemy, stepping over the corpses of his comrades. Satisfied that all was quiet around the hero as if nothing had happened back to his dark affairs and tyrit breech Soviet equipment.
Tasks are divided into three types: main, side and outside. The first is very unevenly move forward the plot, the latter needed mainly for the sake of “pumping”, and others – only for the sake of “pumping” and performed in real time with your units somewhere behind the scenes. The objectives of the missions most of the same type – Repair / Evacuate AIAI, steal drawing / container / tank. Many a time have to go back to the same place, eliminating the same opponents. It’s tiring.
The strongest influence on a variety of companions, which Snake can take on the task. Dog, the sweetest character in the game, detects enemies and items of value; plot half-naked snipers Taciturn (Quiet) … Sniper; horse scat on the road; and so on. All satellites are willing to “pump” and “kastomiziruyutsya”. With this business in The Phantom Pain generally full order – if you want you can customize everything from the logo on the shoulder and ending with the color of the main base. I’ve got it, of course, was pink.
Surely this paragraph, dear reader, you have already decided that I hate Metal Gear Solid V. I am not without pleasure spent on it 60 hours, and during that time it was between us all: love, misunderstanding, joy, anger, fatigue. I was crazy about each scene with doggie D-Dog and fiercely hated African children with guns. I stared intensely at each frame of the final scenes, trying to see through the cunning plan of Kojima and bored, forced his way to the end through dozens of grim outposts. Solid contrast!
The Phantom Pain is a million pieces, it’s interesting, but bulky spy thriller. In this article I have described is not even a hundredth of what can be found in the game. The problem is that I personally understand it is not wanted. Time sorry.
P.S. All the multiplayer component of the writing of the review were not available. About them we will explain later.
Pros: unbanal plot; half-naked snipers; cute doggie; pink base.
Cons: stupid enemies; the same type of job; congestion secondary game elements.

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