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Once again, we are convinced that excess weight is not a hindrance. Do not believe? Then look at charming Melissa McCarthy – a radiant smile, a happy look and a well-established life. Well, who is she, Melissa McCarthy, will tell you the online magazine “”.

Surely all of you have seen her more than once on TV screens – bright, spectacular and funny fat woman Melissa. Well, and to those to whom her face seems very, very familiar, we hasten to refresh our memory: this summer the sensational film “Ghostbusters” was released!

Yes, yes, the main role in this film belongs to Melissa McCarthy. Guilty, we ran a little ahead: we will talk about the film and the role of Melissa in it a bit later;). In the meantime, let’s get acquainted with this wonderful actress.

Melissa Ann McCarthy was born August 26, 1970 in the United States, Plenfield (Illinois) in a family of ordinary rural farmers. The girl grew up a very funny and funny child. There were practically no neighbors near their house, and when all her friends and comrades were driving around on bicycles all day, Melissa had to help her parents with the housework.

However, she absolutely did not suffer from the routine. Parents loved to laugh and joke, so they always found a way to entertain their beloved daughter. Humor in their family is generally a common thing. Melissa often remembers that her dad loved telling jokes and funny stories: the whole family and even Melissa’s friends laughed at his jokes.

Melissa, like all adolescents, acutely experienced a transitional age. Now the actress with a laugh recalls that she happened to visit Goth and even … sometimes steal all sorts of things in stores. Interest for the sake of nothing more. Melissa McCarthy was often upset about every little thing. Both in school and in college, she was given new beginnings: she was constantly haunted by the idea that at any moment she could “screw up” and show herself in a stupid light.

However, with age, Melissa learned to cope with such situations and realized that it was impossible to fully meet someone’s expectations. The most important thing, as the actress believes so far, is “your own feeling of yourself here and now.” And it does not matter what others think about this. If a person likes to look stupid and make people laugh – well, is it not his vocation? So Melissa decided and engaged in public humorous activities.

I got busy and … absolutely not mistaken! People loved Melissa and watched her with pleasure. And so it was her initial profession in the stand-up after the girl moved to New York.

The famous American clubs The Improv and Stand-Up New York Comedy Club became the starting point of her humorous career.

Well, and then more: the girl began to be invited to the TV to play various roles. The proposals literally fell on the girl from all over the country. Melissa McCarthy could not resist and moved to Los Angeles, where she joined the ranks of the most popular in the 90s sketch-gum band The Groundlings. So began the formation of a new star of Melissa McCarthy – an American actress, a funny comedian, a talented screenwriter and producer, as well as a creative fashion designer.

By the way, evil tongues always inspired Melissa that she would never see fame and money until she lost kilograms of excess weight. But the girl has managed to prove to everyone and everything that success is completely unlimited in weight and calories.

Movie roles
Just imagine, on the account of cheerful bbw more than 120 films! Today she is among the hundreds of the most influential celebrities of the country. And how many awards and nominations she has already collected! In a word, a delightful woman. Of course, Melissa started far from the main roles. She starred in the episodes and engaged in minor roles.

Just the same actress debut occurred in the distant 1997 in a humorous serial film “Jenny”. By the way, the main role was played by her cousin Jenny McCarthy. As you can see, Melissa’s artistic talent is in the blood. This was followed by the appearance in the short film “God”, a minor role in the film “Ecstasy”.

Since the 2000s, actress Melissa McCarthy has starred in such famous films as “White Oleander”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “The Kid”, “The Life of David Gale”, “Pumpkin” and “The Third Extra”, including and in the TV series “Die Your Enthusiasm” and “The Lost World.”

Back in 2001, the actress managed to get a major role in the TV series “Gilmore Girls” – Suke St. James. It was a real breakthrough! With this role, Melissa “lived” for nearly 6 years! Then another important role followed in the series “Who is Samantha?”. Further, from 2007 to 2010, filming followed in such memorable films as Nines, Sundance, Just Add Water.

Melissa’s airtime took several episodic appearances on American television shows. In 2010, Melissa appeared in the acclaimed films “Life as it is” with unique Katherine Heigl and “Plan B” with beauty Jennifer Lopez.

In the same year, the comic sketcher “Mike and Molly” started with Melissa, who plays the main role, and existed on American television until 2016. Thanks to this role, Melissa McCarthy picked Emmy as the best actress in a humorous sketch.

In 2011, Melissa played one of the leading roles in the film “A Slumber Party in Vegas” (originally “Bridesmaids”). The picture was a stunning success around the world and collected 300 million American dollars. This role was a real breakthrough in the career of an actress.

Almost every well-known film critic gave a favorable review of the role of the actress.
Thanks to the film, Melissa was nominated for an Oscar and won the US Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Female Subordinate. After such a dizzying success, Forbes magazine “recorded” the actress among the twenty most highly paid and sought-after actresses on TV.

After the release of this picture, Melissa played kinoroli in the most famous comedies “Cops in Skirts” (with her best friend Sandra Bullock), “Tammy”, “Catch a Fat Woman, if You Can”, “Spy”.

However, in 2014, Melissa decided to try a new role in the movie “Saint Vincent.” Melissa played a difficult role in this drama, and critics enthusiastically met her transformation. However, the very actress McCarthy is much closer to the role in the style of sketch-gum: where it can dissolve, show its extraordinary comic talent and delight the viewer with “not washed up” jokes.

Here and on the set of the movie “Ghostbusters” (released in the summer of 2016) Melissa played the main comic role. The “reloading” of the old film to the new “female” mode was successful on all world screens. Laughing fatty Melissa, as always, was irresistible. Now the actress is working on new interesting projects that we can also see in the near future.

Of course, absolutely not count all the roles and nominations of this talented actress. The list of her films, serials, performances on television shows as a guest and presenter can be given ad infinitum.

Activities outside shooting
Note that while Melissa mastered acting, she also wanted to do something else, develop herself from the other side. And she noticeably succeeded. Melissa is the owner of On the Day Productions. She is also working hard on her films, acting as a producer of pictures that will also be available soon. Well, we look forward to new funny work that the public loves so much.

It’s not for nothing that Melissa McCarthy received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2015, and Forbes presented the actress with the bronze third place in the list of the World’s Highest Paid Actresses. A little later, Melissa launched a collection of designer clothes Melissa McCarthy Seven7, designed not only for donuts, but also for very thin women.

Personal life
Naturally, this talented actress has succeeded on a personal front. Yes, donut Melissa has long (since October 2005) been happily married to Ben Falcone, his good old friend, whom he met back in 1996 in The Groundlings troupe. The couple had two wonderful daughters: Vivian and Georgette.
Melisa McCarthy with family

The actress is very successful and always happy to share this with her followers on Instagram. You can see the radiant and smiling Melissa on her official page – @melissamccarthy. Melissa McCarthy puts a large number of photos in which you will not see a shadow of the complexes.

Yes, Melissa is plump, but she absolutely does not worry about this: “I love myself the way I am. Of course, I understand that I have excess weight and I have to fight it. And I fight. Before the second birth, I weighed much less, and I would very much like to return to the previous form. Yes, sometimes I stick to diets and proper nutrition, I go in for sports, but I will never make the process of losing weight a cult of my whole life. If I start devoting all the time only to this, then how can I manage to do other things? ”

Height and weight
The growth of the actress Melissa McCarthy is only 157 cm.
At the beginning of her career, the actress weighed 120 kg, but she managed to lose weight significantly. However, after the second pregnancy, Melissa scored again. No, she was not terrified of her new parameters, she just sat on a high-protein diet and went in for sports. The actress managed to lose weight and to please her subscribers with new photos of her thin figure.

Now the weight of the actress is 90-100 kg.

At the same time, fans strongly recommend the actress not to get involved in losing weight: they are sure that with strong weight loss Melissa will lose her charm and charm. The actress herself does not think of her life without delicacies and is sure that “anorexicity” does not exactly threaten her.

Melissa says that you can look sexy, cute and feminine with any parameters, and being overweight is not a sentence at all to the absence of love, career, money and fame.

Well, we completely agree with Melissa – you just have to look once at her cheerful and positive photos, which are charged with the desire to live and … eat

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