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Actor, producer, and besides more and director Mel Gibson Kolumkayl Gerard was born in a Catholic family in the city Pikskil, NY, January 3, 1956, becoming the sixth of eleven children. Dream head of the family, his wife and children to move to Australia, the homeland of his ancestors, performed somewhat unusual. Traumatize in the production of his father, is confined to a hospital bed, where all day watching various game shows, participate in one of which brought him a large sum of money, which together with the soon obtain insurance, allows true, it would seem an impossible dream. On the “green continent” whole family sent in 1968.
Many millions of fans of the actor, for the opportunity to enjoy their favorite game should be grateful to his sister, who secretly takes his brother’s documents to the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art. Pretty easy to overcome all three rounds of auditions, Mel became a student. Studying at the University runs quite difficult, on any subject having your own opinion, do not always coincide with the views of teachers, Mel often brawl with them.
In Yuzhnoavstraliyskom theater where Mel take after graduation, the actor playing mostly supporting roles. On his first role on the big screen, he gets another during training, Gibson refused to mention until now. The award “Sammy” (Australian Film Awards) actor receives for her role in “Tim” (1979). Choice Awards Gibson in the same year, in the science fiction film “Mad Max” (1979). Hollywood producers Attention budding actor attracts the role in the second part of the “Mad Max” – “The Road Warrior” (1981). After working in the Hollywood movie “The Bounty” (1984), the actor returned to Australia where he begins work on the third part of the “Max” – “Beyond Thunderdome” (1985).
The work in the film “Lethal Weapon” (1987), to which subsequently released four sequels, Gibson makes one of the founders of an era of the two companions of films, one of which is black and the other white. By organizing in 1990 his own production company ICON Prodaction, Gibson brilliant debut as a director with a huge hit that year, “The Man Without a Face” (1993). Finally consolidates its success Gibson in his next film “Braveheart” (1995), which received several Oscars (for best director as well) and “Best Film of the Year.” Despite such successes as a director, Mel still a lot to be removed, the most successful films with his participation were: “Redemption” (1996), “Conspiracy Theory” (1997), “The Reckoning” (1999), “What Women Want” (2000 ), “The Patriot” (2000).
After starring in the movie “Paparazzi” (2004) Mel completely focuses on the director’s work. Another work of Gibson-directed film “The Passion of the Christ” (2004), in spite of unimportant commercial performance, attracted a lot of attention to it, which in show business, as you know, not much happens. Gibson is accused of anti-Semitism, excessive naturalism, hardness, cruelty, and not only. Gibson himself calmly perceives all the attacks, arguing that in this film he was just an intermediary between the Holy Spirit and the audience. Slightly less scandalous get released in theaters in 2006, “Apocalypse” has caused dissatisfaction of Indian human rights organizations. Despite that tells the story of the last “days” Mayan Empire picture viewers have to their liking.
The following picture with Gibson is “Retribution” (2010), “Beaver” (2011), “Happy Holidays” (2012).
Mel Gibson is still one of the most beloved actors of the modern viewer.

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