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Max Steel

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Year: 2016
Country: United Kingdom, USA
Time: 93 minutes (full movie)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
In the center of the plot of the film “Max Steel” – a normal teenager who dreams of a beautiful girl, and expects it to him at least a smile. Every day he has all the same: morning, school lessons and sleep. But once Max wakes up and discovers that there have been extraordinary changes in his body. All this happened at the cellular level, and now our hero has incredible abilities that give him the ability to manage and generate very powerful energy. Such power in the right hands can destroy not only the Earth. But with this power came to an alien who has collected in itself as a cybernetic and organic components. His name is Steele, and now he will help Max learn his incredible and unique abilities. Training will take place in their spare time, and thanks to him that the boy will find a lot of useful knowledge for themselves in several sciences. In addition, he will learn to respond quickly, and eliminate the enemy. All of this training will be held for a reason: Very soon our hero to fight for the Earth and its inhabitants with a powerful enemy, who had already learned that the power of the boy woke up. That’s right, he will begin the hunt for Max, as well as finally carry out his plan to seize the land. Education and training will last for a long time, as a result, the boy learns that style is not just his friend and teacher, but also an important part of himself. Joining forces with the alien, the main character will be able to manage his energy as his own in the battle with the enemy. Like an impenetrable shield, protective suit will protect a teenager.
The film is based on the acclaimed game that has attracted the attention of many young people. The main plot will not disturb much, but still add directors of several parts, which fit well into the overall context of the film about a boy with super powers.

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