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Matthew Langford Perry was born in 1969 in Williamstown, Massachusetts. His father, the actor John Bennett, gained fame thanks to the filming of the 1970–1980s Old Spice commercials, and in big movies he appeared only in episodic roles. Suzanne’s mother worked for a while as secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, after which she became a journalist.

Short biography
Matthew’s parents divorced in 1970. Suzanne with her son moved to Ottawa. Already in Canada, a student at a private school, Perry, Jr., first tried himself in acting. His father warned him against working in the film industry, and the boy himself did not have serious ambitions. He was much more attracted to tennis: Matthew reached the seventeenth position in the Canadian ranking of players. However, after the first success in the theater, when he bypassed the main contender for the role in the school play, Perry decided to reconsider his interests.

Having moved to his father in Los Angeles, he finally put off the racket. Perry senior, unwittingly, helped his son to get on television, grabbing him to the samples in the comedy series. They did not take John Bennett into the sitcom, but they paid attention to his boy.

By the age of 20, several minor roles in television projects had already accumulated in Perry’s filmography. In the nineties, his demand for a comedian increased. A year before the loud triumph, they approved him for the main role in the sitcom “Free from Home”. And since 1994, Matthew began his golden decade: he played Chandler Bing in the cult television series Friends. The image of a nervous, not very lucky and notorious Chandler became the hallmark of the actor.

Since the end of the nineties, Perry has been continuously inviting to the main roles in feature films, where he has always played characters that somehow resemble Bing from Friends. At Nine Yards and Ten Yards, Perry appeared as Nicholas Ozeransky, an American dentist who inherited $ 10 million in debt. In the comedy “Tango three” character Matthew, Oscar Novak, falls in love with the main character, but his chances are plummeting due to gay reputation. In the film “The Helpless,” Perry played a successful screenwriter who inexplicably loses emotional expression. The plots of all the films in which Perry is involved are usually resolved by the fact that the unlucky hero meets true love and finds happiness.

In real life, the actor is somewhat similar to his characters. Despite the consistency and success of women (enough to mention the novel with Julia Roberts), he is extremely shy. In the nineties, Matthew suffered from a craving for alcohol and drugs, which he could not always get rid of without the help of experts. But even these shortcomings could not prevent success and recognition. Perry received three prestigious awards for his role in “Friends”, in 1999 he was among the most beautiful people on the planet according to People magazine, and in 2003 he was on the twenty-fifth place in the Forbes list, dedicated to the most influential celebrities of the year.

Since 2009, Perry has never starred in full-length films, but remained a popular serial actor (the main roles in “Mr. Sunshine” and “At the start!”).

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