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Matthew Broderick

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Matthew Broderick – known American film and theater actor, director and producer. Repeated nominee for a number of prestigious film awards, including the “Emmy” and “Golden Globe”. Gained wide popularity with the release of films such as “Max Dyugan back”, “War Games,” “Ladyhawke,” “Project X” and “The Cable Guy.”
Matthew Broderick was born and raised in New York. He was born March 21, 1962 in a family of actors two immigrants – Patricia and James Broderick. Myuttyu Father of Irish descent, and his mother – a Jew, but Broderick never observed tradition and not follow the religious beliefs of the two nationalities. However, Matthew had inherited from his father and mother love of the theater and acting talent and devoted his life to this art. For the first time on the theater stage, Matthew got up as a teenager, and since then never stopped playing in the theater. When he was quite a bit of twenty, the actor has been awarded one of the most prestigious American awards in the field of theater – “Tony”, which in its significance may be compared only with the “Oscar” in cinematography. Matthew Broderick became the youngest winner of “Tony” in its history. Needless to say that the talented and successful theater actor was soon being invited to shooting a movie. His first experience in front of the camera has become a comedy drama directed by Herbert Ross’ Max Dyugan returns. ” In this picture, 1983 Matthew played a small supporting role, but it was enough to notice the actor. Already in the next two films in the filming of which Broderick participated, aspiring actor got the main role. It was a fantastic thriller John Badham “War Games” and the fantasy-adventure film, Richard Donner’s “Ladyhawke”. Over the next few years, the films with the actor took to the screens one after the other, and almost every one of them, Matthew Broderick played a major role. It was his face looked at the audience with posters in movie theaters. So, in 1986, the actor appeared in the form of an exemplary student who has decided to “score” in the study, in the comedy film “The day off Ferris Byullera”, and in fi thriller 1987 “Project X,” the actor played a character named Jimmy Garrett, a specialist in top-secret government experiment, then, in 1988, Matthew turned into a young pet girls Eugene Morris Jerome in the film Mike Nichols’ Biloxi blues, “and then played the role of a character named Alan in the acclaimed film about the relationship between a homosexual and bisexual in the comedy melodrama” The sentimental song ” . During his acting career Broderick repeatedly became a star of the screen. Among the most successful films with his participation can be called a criminal comedy “Newcomer” with Marlon Brando, comedy 1992 “in danger”, melodrama Warren Light’s “Night in which you and I would never have met”, the famous comic detective “Inspector Gadget” tragicomedy with Jim Carrey “The Cable Guy”, reel end of the 90s “upstart” and the biographical drama “Infinity”, in which the actor not only starred but also made a film producer and director. In the 2000s, the most popular actor brought movies “Stepfordskie wife”, “Wonderful World” and “Tower Heist”, released in 2011.

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