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Mary-Kate Olsen – American actress, twin sister Ashley Olsen. Winner of awards Teen Choice Award and Young Artist Award.
Was born on June 13, 1986 in a suburb of Los Angeles, a mortgage banker in the family, two minutes before his twin sister Ashley. Already in the first year of life, the girls took part in the filming of the show “Full House”: they take turns playing one and the same child as the strict US labor law does not allow minors to be a long time on the set. The project went on the air for several years and was the first step to success sisters. Directed immediately noticed the cute twins. When Mary-Kate and Ashley was not even six years old, their father created a production company, which is closely involved in the career of young actresses.
Simultaneously with the shooting in a “full house” Olsen had time to work in other television films, mostly family or comedy, and often played, in fact, themselves – mischievous and restless twins. Most producers do not change the names of characters: for example, in 2001 on the screens out the series “Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action”, where the sisters have played a small private detectives successfully unravel the complex puzzle.
Over time, Olsen began inviting and full-length movies. In 1994, they starred in the comedy “Happy days of the Wild West,” but their most famous work was yet to come. In the comic strip “Both I and My Shadow” Mary-Kate has finally played no twin, Ashley, and just a girl like her as two peas. In this kind and cheerful children’s movies have been involved remarkable actors Kirstie Alley, Steve Guttenberg, Philip Bosco. The role of the naughty and groovy Amanda went well and active combat Mary-Kate.
In 1995, Olsen sisters began shooting the series “Two of a kind.” At the same time they released CDs, videocassettes, doll, “Mary-Kate”, spirits, clothing, magazines, through the efforts of fans immediately disappearing from the shelves: in America, the late 1990s were the most popular twin teenagers.
However, the sisters do not forget about the cinema: in 1999 they went to Europe for the shooting of the film “Passport to Paris”. A total of filmography includes three films about the adventures of European capitals: “Winning London” (2001), “When in Rome” (2002). In 2004, Olsen received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – a sign of the popularity and recognition of the contribution to the American film industry.
In 2004, the premiere of the movie “New York Minute.” This project is great hopes: he had to be a turning point in the career of nurses, so that they finally come out of the image of the teenager. However, this romantic comedy does not live up to expectations, having failed at the box office. It is noteworthy that it was the last collaboration Olsen on the set.
Mary-Kate continued to act in films, already without Ashley as a co-worker. In 2006, she appeared in an episode of the film “Factory Girl,” and two years later played a key role in the film “Madness” about drugs, depression and life of the streets of New York. The actress also noted in the popular TV series “Datura”.

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