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Martin Landau, American cinema elder category Arts and Entertainment / Movies
Hollywood star, a popular actor Martin Landau was born in Brooklyn June 20, 1931. He is an elder of the American cinema. This is a true Hollywood patriarch. Today, Martin Landau, who has eighty-four years, is actively involved in film productions, and his hard work and endurance are the envy of the young actors. Landau brings tangible benefits on the set – he is an inexhaustible source of professionalism. In the master study not only the actors but also directors are trying to learn something new. A luminary of American cinema happy to share their experience.
Martin Landau, whose biography contains the most unexpected turns, including fatal, is considered the most successful representative of the US film industry. His acting roles evolved somewhat unusual way, mainly the characters were from the underworld. And Martin Landau often played the main characters in the low-grade action movies and films rank higher, he had to settle for minor roles. Such is the specificity of Hollywood, where any role should be taken for granted and play it with full dedication.
Skill and attractiveness
Nevertheless, Martin Landau, whose filmography includes more than one hundred and forty roles, became a kind of record for the captured footage. The picture archive of Hollywood with his participation occupy a separate shelf. In addition, Martin Landau, whose photos were reproduced in a record number, can claim the distinction of being one of the most prominent sex symbol of America. His appearance as an adult’s crazy good half of the female population in the US and in Europe.
At the time, Landau took a course acting at the Lee Strasberg studio. Once the casting in the film company “Twentieth Century Fox” Martin was selected as the best candidate for the role of the two among thousands of applicants. But for all his popularity, he did not fit into the Hollywood standards, such as Cary Grant or Humphrey Bogart. This circumstance, however, the actor did not bother, he confidently occupy the niche in American cinema and has successfully played its colorful characters.
Martin Landau – versatile actor, starred in many television series, one of which was the movie “Mission Impossible”. In several episodes, Martin starred with his wife, Barbara Bain, the duo was considered very productive. Gone with the project spouses also together, none of them did not want to act with other partners.
The lull in the works
Martin Landau were in the career and the “dead season”, the years when he did not act in any movie. Thus began a period of calm fifteen break from 1973 to 1988. However, in 1988, he returned to the cinema, Landau once played such a role, which earned him a nomination for the “Oscar”, despite the fact that the character was a secondary plan.
During his long career in film, Martin Landau nine times nominated for the award “Emmy”, “Oscar” and a BAFTA. Also, it is five times awarded the highest awards of American cinema, among which were:
“Golden Globe” – the first prize of the actor, he received in 1968 for taking part in the television series “Mission Impossible”.
Another “Golden Globe” was awarded Landau in 1989, for Best Supporting Actor in the film “Tucker: The Man and the Dream”.
In 1995, he received his first “Oscar” in the nomination “Best Actor in a secondary role” in the movie “Ed Wood.”
For this role, the actor was awarded the “Golden Globe” third prize in 1995.
At the same time for participation in the movie “Ed Wood,” he was awarded the Prize of the Guild of the US Screen Actors Guild.
Personal life
Martin Landau was married only once. At the same time, he also set a record, as in the background of many marriages and divorces in Hollywood his family alliance looks at least unnatural. Nevertheless, the actor found himself one-woman man. The reasons for divorce remained unknown, were several attempts by the newsmen to somehow justify this event, but each time followed strict refutation of Barbara Bain. In several cases, the editors had to pay fines for “placing defamatory material”, after which the reporters were silenced.
His wife, Martin made a proposal in early 1957, and January 31, they got married. His choice was an American actress Barbara Bain. Young people were the same age, they were a lot of common ground, common professional interests. Therefore, their marriage lasted for more than thirty-five years, and during that time the couple have repeatedly appeared in various film sets together. Nevertheless, in 1993 the star couple divorced. This happened without any preliminaries, however usually different long-term marriages. Divorce followed spontaneously, but the judge did not give time for reconciliation of the parties, the decision to divorce was made immediately, by mutual consent.
Martin Landau, whose children after a divorce left her mother, suffered from loneliness. However, having a real opportunity to re-establish the family, he did not take a chance and continue to live alone.
Martin Landau today
Currently, an elderly actor lives in West Hollywood, in your own home alone. He tries to spend as much time on the set, the benefit in no shortage of roles for him. The vast experience gained over many years of work in film, helps the actor to play the most complex characters.

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