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Martin Freeman is a famous English actor. He was nominated for such significant awards as Emmy and BAFTA. Received wide popularity due to participation in the TV series “Sherlock” on the BBC and Fargo TV channels on the FX channel, as well as on the roles in the films “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and “The Hobbit” (played the role of Bilbo Baggins).

Childhood and youth of a future star
Martin was born on September 8, 1971 in Hampshire (England) and became the 5th child in the Freemen family. Unfortunately, even so many children did not save spouses, Martin’s parents, from divorce. At first the child lived with his father, but he soon died of a heart attack. The boy was 10 years old, and such an early loss of a loved one, following the divorce of parents, according to Martin, affected the future actor’s state of mind.

The boy began to live with his mother in Aldershot, a city with a glorious sports history and a famous football team. But football did not become a passion for Martin, because up to the age of 14 he devoted almost all his free time to squash and even participated in the British national team for this game.

The elder brothers and sisters of the future actor were more interested in the arts than in sports, and over time, Martin took over their passions. The love of art was so strong that, graduating from a Catholic school, Martin Freeman became a student of the London Central School of Dramatic Art – the most famous British theatrical institution of higher learning. It was the education of this type that allowed Martin to develop acting skills.

Debut in the world of cinema
The first acting tests of Martin Freeman came in 1997. These were cameo roles that did not leave a mark in the cinema. The situation began to change in 2000, when the future Bilbo Baggins was able to get into the role of a doctor in the sitcom “Black Bookstore.” This was followed by another role in the “Office” sitcom. Perhaps it was after this work that Martin became more recognizable by the audience.

Martin Freeman in the Black Bookstore series
In the film “Real Love”, Martin had a chance to play an unusual role as a sex doubler. Such a strange position in the picture attracted even more attention to the actor. Perhaps due to the subsequent recognition, Martin was invited to play Lord Shaftesbury in the Karl II: Power and Passion film.

Then followed a series of several typical pictures and roles. Martin participated in the projects “Hacking and Penetration”, “All Together”, “Initiation”, “Best Christmas”. The similarity of roles, perhaps, was due to the appearance of Freeman: short stature, unremarkable facial features, rustic facial expression. But there were also positive aspects to such external data, because thanks to them and his outstanding acting abilities, Martin received his next significant roles.

The BBC TV series of 2010 called “Sherlock” has become a cult, without minimizing the meaning of the word. Martin played one of the key characters, Dr. Watson, and, according to critics, did it perfectly. The writers of the series somewhat changed Watson’s literary concept, and he ceased to be a passive observer of what is happening, and became a full participant in the investigation in a pair with the legendary detective, whose role went to the talented Benedict Cumberbatch. At this stage, the project has three seasons, each of them consists of only three series.

The third season of “Sherlock” is remarkable in that in it Martin Freeman plays together with Amanda Ebbington – his companion of life in reality.

Dr. Watson with his mentor Sherlock Holmes
Also in the series at different stages involved Una Stubbs, Lou Brili, Andrew Scott, Lars Mikkelsen and a number of other famous serial actors.

The main films of Martin Freeman
The 2005 film “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” became a revolutionary film in the work of Martin. The plot is based on the idea of ​​the capture of the Earth by aliens popular in those days, but in a somewhat transformed form. So, earthlings received a message from neighbors in the Universe that their planet should be destroyed, and in its place an intergalactic highway should be built. Of course, humanity can oppose little to the higher races, but Arthur Dent (the actor in question plays him) decides to rebel against such injustice towards the Earth, moreover, his friend and longtime drinking companion is also an alien and knows something about aliens.

The next landmark project of Martin was the film “Wild Thing”, the plot of which is based on the history of Victor – the killer by inheritance. Family dynasty assassins collapses when a young man falls in love with a girl who is the object for destruction.

The film had good reviews from both cinema connoisseurs and viewers, although there were also critical comments.

In the trilogy “The Hobbit”, the first part of which was released in 2012, the actor got the role of the central character – the very Bilbo Baggins. Martin went around a huge number of colleagues in the acting workshop in the casting and was able to prove in three parts that his appointment was not the mistake of the film crew. This seemed especially relevant after Jackson – the director of all parts of Tolkien’s film adaptations – gave the command to postpone the start of filming the first part of the trilogy so that Freeman could end his participation in Sherlock.

Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins
After “The Hobbit” it became easier to break through on the casting. This is evidenced by the role in the 2013 film “Armageddets” – a perky story about friends who decided to run the bars and met many obstacles in their way, and the 2014 series Fargo, which tells the story of cruel Malvo and people associated with it.

Actor’s personal life
Freeman is not officially married, but 15 years ago he met his current common-law wife, Miss Abbington. Amanda – the famous actress in Britain, thanks to her talent, she became one of the participants in the Sherlock project.

The couple decided not to bother to register relationships, despite the fact that they have two children: Joe, born in 2005, and Grace, born in 2009. Martin’s wife admits that he is no worse than an actor, which cannot please as a family of Freemen, and fans of the star.

At three o’clok

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