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Marmoset monkey

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Marmoset – a primate, small, quite charming, which inhabit the tropical forests of Central and South America, these crumbs obeznego world.
Despite the fact that their natural habitat is not so wide, this family is divided into more than 40 species, representatives of each of which are different in appearance, some habits, and so on. D.
And if a gorilla – the largest representative of the primates, the marmoset (average growth of monkey -. 12-30 cm and weight 100-800gr.) Could easily hide even wool African giant.
This I mean, all the diverse our world!
Some we have already spoken of the types of marmosets (See: pygmy marmoset, emperor tamarin).
And today we will talk about some of the varieties of baby monkey world.
So, get acquainted:
Marmosets – the crumbs of the New World.
Species description, photo
Marmozetka – the only representative of its genus in the family callitrichidae.
This charming creature lives in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, inhabits the upper reaches of the Amazon River.
Height monkey -25-30 cm and a tail about the same length.
Color wool – from black to brown. On his head a little monkey sometimes wears silver or reddish color.
Activity marmozetki show day, they sleep at night, climbing into tree hollows.
Marmosets, this is in the Red Book, in the VU category.
Common marmosets.
In the wild, common marmosets are the smallest category of risk (security IUCN status).
Living, as well as all callitrichidae, families. Found in the forests of Brazil.
These little monkeys are divided into several subtypes:
Pushistouhaya or belouhaya marmoset does not dwell in forests that are located on the Atlantic coast.
It is the southernmost representatives marmosets.
This creature more of their relatives:. Its body length – 30 cm tail – almost half a meter and a weight of 320 grams.
Tufted, or Yellow-marmosets listed as endangered in category EN (Endangered).
Belogolovaya marmosets – one of the most common small monkeys in Brazil. The number it is not serious.
Marmosets Kul.
A distinctive feature of these animals is a matriarchy in the family.
common marmoset
Family generally consists of the females and 5/4 males 2-3. Plus children. By pairing it allowed only a female dominant. The next race of the family of marmosets, which we will discuss in this article – tamarins. These monkeys smaye major representatives of their family: up to thirty centimeters long and up to 900 grams. weight. Luxury tail over the body – up to half a meter. There are representatives of this genus and smaller. They differ from each other colors – black, gold, white. Almost all subspecies wear mustaches.
Cotton-top tamarin (Oedipus marmosets). This subspecies is listed as endangered under the sign of CR (the disappearance of the threat – in critical condition). The main threat – deforestation and the illegal trade in animals, ie, poaching. Now there are 2000. In the wild cotton-top tamarin lives about 18 years in captivity -up to 25. The range of its habitat – Colombia, tropical forests in the Caribbean. It’s not the greatest representatives of the tamarins: 250-300 grams in weight and 24 cm in length stednem.
Homeland golden tamarins – Ecuador and Peru. Bright animal about the same size as the cotton-top tamarin. He lives, as well as all the families of marmosets, each of which consists of 9-15 members of this subspecies.
Spotted Tamarin -zhitel Brazil – is in danger of extinction, it has been categorized EN.
And another type of tiny monkeys – lion tamarin. To this species belongs the four subspecies, and each is endangered (EN). In addition to natural enemies (wild cats, snakes, birds of prey) little animals in danger of loss of living space, natural habitat. Living lion tamarin exclusively in the forests of south-eastern Brazil. It is the largest family of marmosets animals: body length of up to 34 cm, tail – up to 50. They weigh about a pound.
Černolice lion tamarin is defined by IUCN as a threatened animal species, the conservation status of CR – critical condition.

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