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Marlon Brando

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Marlon Brando – the legendary actor, perennial sex symbol of Hollywood. Two-time winner of the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” for the film “On the Waterfront” and “The Godfather”, winner of the Cannes Film Festival ( “Viva Zapata!”). Also nominated for “Oscar” and other prestigious awards for acting achievements in film “Tram” Desire “,” “Last Tango in Paris”, “Dry White Law,” “Julius Caesar,” “Tea Ceremony”, “Sayonara”, ” Young lions, “” The Ugly American “. Brando is ranked fourth in the list of “100 greatest movie stars for 100 years.”
Marlon born April 3, 1924 in the American town of Omaha, Nebraska in the Italian family. He died in 80 years July 1, 2004 in Los Angeles, from pulmonary fibrosis.
In the future legends of the movie it was not an easy childhood. His father traded in building materials, so that Marlon lived in abundance, but it is hardly possible to name Brando family happy. Marlon himself described his childhood as “My mother did not really care about us – it more concerned, where a good get drunk. My father seemed to be all consisted of alcohol, testosterone, adrenaline and anger. Talk with him about anything was a more expensive … My mother was to me almost everything. I tried so hard … He came home from school – and there was nobody there. Then the phone rang: “Listen, man, we here in your mother’s bar … you would come to take her.” Marlon has not graduated from high school – he was expelled for a ride on a motorcycle down the hall venues. Rebel went to the city of opportunity, New York, to the elder sister, where he enrolled in a theater class, and then the Actors Studio. Simultaneously with the game in small plays Marlon earned – that drove the truck, was selling lemonade. Sensual savage, he spat on the stereotypes of society, played on the mat, psychology and learned the French language, the plant numerous novels and lived as wanted. Fateful meeting that changed his life, and American cinema, took place when Marlon was 23 years old. He saw the famous playwright Tennessee Williams, who was looking for an actor for the lead role of Stanley Kowalski in the play “A Streetcar Named” Desire “.” The role of rabid wild mundane desktop Stanley, the embodiment of almost savage eroticism, Marlon Brando became famous almost immediately. They became interested in Hollywood. However, he constantly challenged Marlon “factory of dreams” behaved insolently with producers, for which he received from them the nickname “dumb.” But the audience loved it. In 1951, Marlon has played a role in the film adaptation of the play “A Streetcar Named” Desire “,” with Vivien Leigh. The tape produced the effect of an exploding bomb – Brando become the idol of the New America. Hitherto obscure actor was nominated for “Oscar”. Each subsequent film with Brando brought him unless “Oscar”, the “Golden Globe” or some other reward. “Viva Zapata!” “Julius Caesar,” “savage,” “On the Waterfront”, “Guys and dolls” – less than five years, Marlon Brando became a genuine icon of Hollywood. Mike, exposing strong hands, faded jeans, motorcycle – the embodiment of strength and freedom, Marlon tried to imitate the millions, and he also had an impact on the movement of bikers. During his nearly 50-year career, Marlon starred in 43 films, most of which have become cult (which is only one “The Godfather”, where he brilliantly embodied the role of Vito Corleone). Before his death, Marlon spit on the rules. He could order the transportation of sand from Tahiti to the aquarium in his Los Angeles mansion for 18 thousand dollars could grow fat to obscene proportions or kiss Larry King Live. His romance can not be speaking, as the number of children. Officially – five of them. Brando experienced heavy drama: his son killed her boyfriend’s sister and daughter – hanged. When Brando died, many actors who studied his acting work, agree with the words of Al Pacino, said briefly: “God is dead.”

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