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Mark Wahlberg

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Mark Wahlberg – American actor nominee for “Oscar” for his role in “The Departed” movie, producer, musician.
Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg was born June 5, 1971 in a suburb of Boston, in Dorchester, and was the ninth child in the family of the truck driver. When he was eleven, his parents divorced. Abandoned by his father Marcus raised street. The future star of Hollywood, an exemplary family man and a Catholic teenager was selling cocaine and brutally beat people. With 13 years Mark regularly detained by police. He was throwing stones in black, robbed a pharmacy, he participated in fights, becoming a typical Boston felon. But Mark sobered prison. For Vietnamese brutal beating, one of whom was blind in one eye, 16-year-old Wahlberg sentenced to prison. 45 days in a cell with hardened criminals, in which Marc wanted so much to be like, helped to understand that he was equal not those guys. Upon his release, Wahlberg turned his energies into music, modeling and film. Fortunately, the criminal past has left his advantage, it is useful in show business: sports figure, daring and emancipation.
Thanks brother Donna, who had become famous in the pop group «New Kids on the Block», Mark recorded his first hip-hop album. Compositions headed American chats, and yesterday a criminal has become a very famous rapper Marky Mark. The girls adored his speech, during which Mark, as a rule, take his pants. He is also happy bared athletic body in advertising underwear Calvin Klein. And he appeared in the tabloids, thanks to the antics – at 22 years, for example, the most naderzil Madonna and had a fight with her agent.
World famous brand got through cinema. In 1993-95 the 22-year-old aspiring actor has appeared in a number of successful paintings – “The teacher to substitute”, “Renaissance Man,” “The Basketball Diaries.” At 25 years old the first time he got the lead role – played a sexual tyrant in the thriller “Fear”. A year later, Paul Thomas Anderson, noticing Brand in “The Basketball Diaries,” invited him to the drama “Boogie Nights.” The tape was nominated for “Oscar”, and the role pornoaktera 80 was a breakthrough in the film career Wahlberg.
Subsequent works have consolidated his popularity, “The Perfect Storm” (2000), “Planet of the Apes” (2001), “The Truth About Charlie” (2003). In 30 years, the actor founded the charitable foundation for talented youth, bought a mansion in Beverly Hills, where his mother moved, and began dating his future wife, model Ria Duray.
Since 2004, he successfully engaged in producing. The first work – documentary series “Juvenile offenders” echoes his childhood. And the most successful works – television hit “Entourage” (by the way, Barack Obama’s favorite TV series) and the drama “The hosts of the night” (nominated for the Cannes Film Festival 2007).
In 2005, Mark refuses to play gay in “Brokeback Mountain”, but it was withdrawn in the sign for himself drama Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed” (2006). For brilliantly played the role of rude, but Sgt Mark just nominated for the “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actor. Subsequently withdrawn in cash tapes: in 2007, plays FBI in the “Spit”, in 2008 – a teacher, investigating the causes of the epidemic, in the thriller “phenomenon” and a detective Max Payne video game adaptation of the same name. He – his father was killed in “Lovely bones” (2009), a policeman-loser in the comedy “The Other Guys” and the boxer drama “The Fighter” (2010). 30 July 2010 39-year-old actor, a father of four children, became the owner of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “Ted” In 2012, Mark appears in the thriller “Contraband” and nakurivaetsya with a teddy bear in a comedy.

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