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Mark Dacascos

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Mark Dacascos – American actor and martial arts kung fu and karate, a multiple winner of championships, known for the films “Only the Strong”, “Drive” and “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven.”
Mark was born 26 February 1964 in the Hawaiian capital, Honolulu. Among his ancestors were immigrants from China, the Philippines, Ireland, Spain and even Japan. The boy’s father, Joseph Albert Dacascos was his first mentor in martial arts. Mother Moriko Mark McVeigh, as he was himself a student of Albert. Dacascos Sr. created his own style of martial arts based on a mixture of karate techniques, judo, kempo and boxing. In future sessions with the boy as a mentor to the right to conduct Malia Bernal, one of the ten best of the United States troops. Already at the age of nine, Mark won the tournament for martial arts. After reaching adulthood boy moved to Taiwan and joined the training to mentor, teach Chinese judo. Besides Dacascos he studied the styles of Shaolin and capoeira. For eighteen years, Mark has participated in more than two hundred tournaments, many of which brought him victory and new titles.
The first filming for him was the comedy Wayne Wang’s “Dim Sum: Easy heartbeat”, published in 1985. But a full-fledged debut of the film could not be called – all the scenes with Mark were subsequently cut out of the picture. Viewers first saw Dacascos on the screen in small roles and television series. Only five years later, he played a significant role in the blockbuster Eric Carson’s “City of Angels”. In 1992, Mark played a negative role of gangster Japanese mafia Kenjiro, who decided to take revenge on his half-brother for the love of his father taken away. His partner in the film becomes David Bradley. The following year, Dacascos starred in the blockbuster Sheldon Lettich “Only the strongest.” In the story, the hero of the picture Brand Louis Stevens returned home after military service in Brazil, where he studied the art of capoeira. The complex is almost criminal situation among children and teens in his hometown led Stevens to become a teacher of this exotic martial art to somehow inspire the youth and help them on their own to protect themselves and their interests. On the role of the Brazilian teacher Louis Stevens on the initiative of Mark was invited by his personal tutor Zhozelitu Santo. For the filming of the film at the request of the director Dacascos strongly I gained weight doing bodybuilding. Then, as a guest star, he took part in the filming of the cult horror series “Tales from the Crypt.”
In 1994, the actor’s fans saw him again in the title role in the fantasy film James Jukic “Double Dragon”, to film the popular computer game of the same name. A year later, directed by Christine Peterson invited Mark to film blockbuster “Kickboxer 5: Retribution.” In this film his character Matt again fighting on the side of good and justice. Then the screens went crime thriller Christoph Ghana “Crying Freeman”. The film was made based on the popular Japanese manga about the killer, each mourning his victim because he did not want to kill anyone, but there was no other choice. The scene of the final battle sword was put together and directed by Mark and all the stunts in the film actor acted independently. Tape received the Audience Award at the festival Sweden Fantastic Film Festival in Sweden. In 1996, Dacascos played a role in the sci-fi thriller, John Frankenheimer’s “The Island of Dr. Moreau”, filmed on the same product. HG Wells. In 1998, Marc that looks like Brandon Lee, was invited to the Canadian mystery television series “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven”, which played a major role. Dacascos is married and has three children.

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