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Mario Fernandez: Biography
Footballer Mario Fernandez was the hero of a record transfer in the history of CSKA. To get the defender of the Brazilian “Gremio”, the Russian club gave € 15 million. The investment paid off with a vengeance: the game of Fernandez was so effective that after receiving Russian citizenship, the ex-Brazilian was invited to the national team. Today Mario Fernandez tells reporters that he is seriously considering the possibility of staying in Russia when he completes his sports career.

Childhood and youth
Mario was born on September 19, 1990 in the city of San Caetano do Sul (state of São Paulo) in the family of a futsal coach. The profession of the father predetermined the future of the boy. From the age of 6 he started playing football under the leadership of the pope and quickly achieved success. Footballer notes that his father always treated him objectively: he praised and criticized only the case. Soon, his younger brother Jonathas joined the training. Now he plays for the club “San Caetano” as a striker.

Mario also played first as an attacking midfielder and, as admitted, was a fan of football player Kaka. Even tried to imitate his game. But later he was transferred to the center of defense. At this position, he began to play in youth teams. His speed and skills of running the ball in 2006 attracted the attention of the representatives of the club “San Caetano”, which then was on the decline after the deafening success in the early 2000s. Successfully speaking for the once famous team, Fernandez received an offer from the agents of “Gremio”.

In 2009, Fernandez signed a five-year contract with the club “Gremio”. The transfer of the player cost the buyers a million dollars. Fernandez’s debut as a defender of “Gremio” took place after three months (a match against “Sport Refsi”). And in two months the football player played for the first time for the team at the championship of Brazil: the match with “Botafogo” ended in a draw.

In the first season Fernandez participated in 19 games of the team. After one of the meetings, Mario received a red card, he was transferred from the center to the flank of the defense. Nevertheless, the performances generated interest from the world-famous clubs: “Real”, “Barcelona”, “Manchester City”.

In December 2011, a transfer offer came from CSKA. Negotiations were postponed, but resumed in the spring of 2012. The amount of the contract was € 15 million, of which 14 received “Gremio”, the rest – “San Caetano”. On May 4, 2012, representatives of the Russian capital club announced that they had signed a contract with Fernandez, designed for 5 years.

Soon after the move, the Brazilian football player made his debut in friendly matches with the Moscow “Topedo” and “Khimki”, in both games scoring the ball. In the championship for the first time he played for the “army team” in a meeting with “Rostov”. In total for the season 2012/2013 he went on the field in 28 games. Fernandez managed to perform two assists.

The first year on Russian football fields was extremely traumatic for a legionary. Because of a broken in a duel with Tyumen nose for a while, Mario was forced to play in a mask. In other matches he received an ankle injury and concussion. And in the final of the championship game with the “Kuban” Fernandez suffered the most serious injury: the doctors diagnosed the laceration of the medial ligament and the damage to the horn of the meniscus.

CSKA won the championship, but Mario because of rehabilitation could not join the celebration. At the end of the season, Fernandez was included among the top 33 players. Later it was included in it three more times.

Back to the game the Legionnaire was able only in the second half of the next season. During the same period, he scored the first goal for CSKA Moscow (meeting with Saratov “Sokol” in the 1/8 finals of the Cup of Russia). In the summer of 2017, a new contract was signed with the defender. It is concluded until 2022.

The best moments in the game Mario Fernandez
Mario Fernandez was not involved in the games for the Brazilian national team, despite the fact that the matches were called twice. The first challenge took place before the transition to CSKA. In 2011, the player had to take part in the match of the Rock Cup between Brazil and Argentina, but the whole game was spent on the bench. More chance to play for the team at that time was not presented – Fernandez was late for the flight, flying to the venue of the next game.

In 2014, participated in a friendly match between the national teams of Brazil and Japan. But since such games are not considered official, Fernandez has the opportunity to gain a foothold for any of the teams, which he took advantage of.

In 2016, by a decree of the President of the Russian Federation, on the application of Fernandez, the legionnaire was accepted into Russian citizenship, which allowed him to claim a place in the Russian team. The debut in the team took place on October 7, 2017: in the 64th minute of the friendly match with the South Korean team, Fernandez replaced Alexander Samedov in the field.

Personal life
In 2009, few people imagined that Fernandez would move to another continent. After signing a contract with Gremio and moving to another city, he disappeared. As explained by Mario, when he was found in three days, he first found himself far from his parents and felt very homesick.

Fernandez is considered a sweet tooth. With an increase of 189 cm, its ideal weight is 81 kilograms, but varies depending on the diet. Representatives of “Gremio” ordered him to eat at the base, since the young man was not accustomed to cook, he ate fast food and chocolates and began to lose shape.

Mario considers himself unromantic and claims that he is not in love with anyone. As he said, with the last girl he has left soon after moving to Russia. After obtaining citizenship does not exclude the possibility of marriage to a Russian woman, especially since local cuisine suited him to taste. Mom, who together with her husband periodically visits her son, has learned to cook borsch.

In Russia, Fernandez often visits the church. After the brazilian temple was closed, Orthodox visited. Fernandez does not drink alcohol.

Mario Fernandez now
As the Brazilian dreamed, he was part of the Russian national team for the 2018 World Cup. By the first match, Fernandez promised journalists to learn the Russian anthem.

Throughout the group stage to play Fernandez there were no complaints. Russia for the first time in many years reached the 1/8 finals, where she met with titled Spain. It was a difficult match, which will remain in the memory of the fans for a long time. Cherchezov’s defensive tactics did not disappoint. Mario Fernandes tightly guarded the penalty gate of the Russian Federation.

Everything was decided in a penalty shootout, in which Igor Akinfeev became a real hero of the country: the goalkeeper repelled two hits out of five. Russia for the first time in its history reached the quarter finals.

Fans of Russians eagerly awaited the game with the Croats. The match was different from the previous dynamics, a lot of dangerous moments and beautiful goals. Denis Cheryshev led the Russians forward with a blow to the top nine, the Croats responded with two goals and only Mario Fernandez’s header kicked the Russians into the penalty shoot-out, where Croatia was stronger.

Goal Fernandez brought the Russians in the penalty shootout
Goal of Fernandez in the game with Croats
Unfortunately, Mario did not score his penalty, breaking through the gate. According to the football player, he asked forgiveness from his colleagues in the locker room, but could not change the result. Despite the loss and an annoying mistake, experts and fans recognized Mario as the most useful and performing an enormous amount of work by the national team player.

After the end of his career, Mario does not mind staying in Russia.

“Why not, I have everything super in Russia,” the football player summed up in an interview with the sports portal.
You can monitor the events of the athlete’s life in social networks. Mario is an active user of “Instagram”, uploads photos taken both in training and outside the football field.


With Gremio
Champion of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (1): 2010
Winner of the Rock Cup (1): 2011

Champion of Russia (3): 2012/13, 2013/14. 2015/16
Silver medalist of the championship (2): 2014/15, 2016/17
The winner of the Cup of Russia (1): 2012/13
The winner of the Russian Super Cup (2): 2013, 2014

Member of the symbolic national team championship of the State of Rio Grande do Sul: 2010
Brazilian Silver Ball: 2011
In the list of 33 best players of Premier League (4): No. 1 (2013/2014, 2014/2015), No. 2 (2012/2013, 2015/2016).

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