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Known for its proprietary gait, technique and a very, very irritable character. Balotelli, known under the nickname ‘Super Mario’ plays well enough on any position of the front line; he usually acts as a second striker. He is quite a good specialist in penalties and penalties and is considered one of the most promising attackers of our time.
Born Balotelli on April 12, 1990 in the family of Ghanaian immigrants Thomas and Rosa Barvoy in the Italian city of Palermo. Some time after his birth, the family moved to Bagnolo Mella, in the province of Brescia, Lombardy. In 1993, the parents agreed to entrust their three-year-old child to the Balotelli family; After some time this transfer was legally certified by the court of Brescia. Later, Balotelli announced the biological parents of Mario in the hunt for fame, saying that they became interested in their child only after he became famous. There lived a new boy’s family in Konzio, the city and the commune in Brescia. According to Italian law, Balotelli had to wait until the eighteenth birthday before attempting to obtain Italian citizenship – due to certain difficulties with his adoption. On August 13, 2008, Mario became a citizen of Italy.
His sporting career Balotelli began with the club ‘Lumezzane’ (Lumezzane). At the age of fifteen, he was promoted to the older group; debuted in senior Mario games in the league ‘Serie C1’, in a match against ‘Padova’ (Padova). After a while the contract with the guy was signed by the agents ‘Internationale’; It was assumed that the athlete will be redeemed in 2006. Starting to train the group ‘to seventeen’, Mario gradually grew to the team ‘to twenty’ ‘Primavera’ (Primavera) – and this at sixteen. It was Balotelli who scored the allowed penalty shootout in the final of the league, giving ‘Primavere’ a 1-0 victory over Sampdoria. This shock has strengthened the reputation of the athlete both among fans and among teammates; in particular, the game of Mario was noted by Inter’s chairman Inter Massimo Moratti.
For the first time in the new team, Balotelli debuted in December 2007; He replaced David Suazo in the match against ‘Caliari’ (Cagliari); ended this game with a score of 2: 0 in favor of the team of Mario. Three days later the guy was already in the starting lineup for the Italian Cup football match against ‘Reggina’ (Reggina); he personally scored two goals, contributing to the team’s next victory (4: 1). In the quarter-finals, Balotelli scored two more goals, this time at the Juventus goal. This time the match ended with a score of 3: 2, so the new leadership of the club was primarily due to Balotelli. A talented young guy was already talking about the country.
His first goal in the game ‘Serie A’ Mario scored in April 2008, in a match against ‘Atalanta’ (Atalanta). ‘Internazionale’ won the 2007-2008 season of the Italian Cup. In the match against the team of Rome in the struggle for the Italian Supercup, Balotelli was on the replacement; in the end, he entered the game after the release of Luis Figo, eighty-three minutes after scoring the ball. ‘Inter’ won with a score of 6: 5 on penalties (the main time ended with a score of 2: 2).
Before the start of the 2008-2009 season, Balotelli signed a three-year contract with ‘Internazionale’. In November 2008 he scored his first goal of the Champions League, against the Cyprian ‘Anorthosis Famagusta’ (Anorthosis Famagusta); Mario became the youngest player of Inter, who scored balls in games of this rank – at that time he was only eighteen years and eighty-five days, whereas the previous record holder was sixty days older. In April 2009, Balotelli scored the only goal of his team in the match against the rotation of Juventus; in the process of playing fans of opponents cruelly mocked its origin, shouting remarks like “there are no black Italians!”. In the end, Massimo Moratti was forced to say that he would have recalled his team from the match, had he been there; The chairman of Juventus Giovanni Cobolli Gigli condemned similar manifestations of racism. In the end, ‘Juventus’ had to abandon a match on the home field with the support of fans. ‘Internazionale’ at that time won ‘Serie A’, the fourth time in a row.
During his second season with ‘Inter’, Balotelli repeatedly got into various scrapes because of his character; the most serious episode of this kind was a clash with the leading Inter referee Jose Mourino, who eliminated Mario from the ranks of the senior team for the entire second half of January. Do not stop at the football player and problems with racists – so, the fans of Juventus took the fashion to shout messages to him at matches in which ‘Internationale’ did not participate at all. This behavior of fans twice led to a penalty ‘Juventus’

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