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Marine Aquarium

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In the mass consciousness, and even among many “fresh” aquarists are of the opinion that the marine aquarium – it’s incredibly difficult and incredibly expensive. On the other hand, many people who have visited while on holiday on the Red Sea or the Maldives, would like to bring into your home a piece of the coral reef.

Paradoxically, but now for most people, exotic coral fish familiar and “native” than their freshwater counterparts. This is explained by the fact that the Red Sea coral reefs and other seas visited significantly more of our countrymen than the Amazon or in the jungles of Southeast Asia. In addition, the brightness of the color and diversity of coral fish simply have no equal. In recent years, this trend is complemented by the rapid development of aquarium equipment and technology, has caused tremendous popularity of the marine aquarium.

The realities of the akvariumovodstva comprised approximately the following:

Marine aquarium itself is not much more difficult to freshwater: and that, and another can practice as a beginner level and become a real expert on the content of exotic marine animals.
There is a fundamental difference between a saltwater aquarium of freshwater, with the result that the mechanical transfer of fresh ideas and skills in the Marine Aquarium will lead to fatal consequences. That is why for people keen marine aquarium will be a good opportunity to expand the horizons of their hobby, open it in new ways.
Marine aquarium requires much more powerful, sophisticated and expensive equipment, more complex and expensive consumables than freshwater.
Prices of marine fishes, invertebrates and plants on average much higher than freshwater. Accordingly, the settlement of a saltwater aquarium and the inevitable errors associated with the acquisition of the necessary experience, are more expensive.
Over the years, the development of domestic freshwater aquarium has developed a powerful information field. Numerous books and periodicals, online resources, and most importantly – aquarists Army – media related experience. In the marine aquarium is the Russian-speaking information space is much less developed.
Sea – is a window into a completely different and fascinating world of scary. Therefore, the desire, and most importantly the opportunity to have a saltwater aquarium at home or in the office, as we have said before, there is a growing number of people.

It gave life ocean planet Earth. Millions of cubic kilometers, billions of years at the optimum temperature and insignificant variation of main parameters. Evolution did not miss the chance and created a coral reef. This riotous diversity of life not found anywhere else. Fish gaudy bright colors and wonderful forms.

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