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Date of birth: 26.09.1973 year
Place of birth: västerås, Sweden
Prize winner of the Montreal festival in the category “Best female role” (2002, for the film “I am Dina”).
Maria Bonnevie was born in the Swedish city of västerås in the family Norwegian actress Yannick Bonnevie and Swedish actor Valdice Pen. Childhood the future actress was held in the Norwegian capital Oslo. The girl studied at the school of classical and contemporary dance. Also, studying in high school, she studied dramatic arts in special ed.
After completing the course of music and drama in Copenhagen, Maria Bonnevie continued her studies in Denmark, on private acting class Professor wagg. And in 1993, Maria graduated from the actors College of the University of Stockholm.
Upon graduation, Maria Bonnevie in 1993 became a Swedish actress of the National academic theatre in Stockholm (“Scenskolan”). In 1995, she moved to the company the famous Royal national theatre of Sweden (“Dramaten”). She had a chance to play on this stage in productions of the great Director Ingmar Bergman. Participated actress and radio play, which put Bergman.
Today Maria Bonnevie – the leading actress of the theatre, her repertoire includes plays and classics of world Scandinavian drama.
On the silver screen, Maria Bonnevie debuted in 1991. She played Emma in the movie Hrefna of Gunnlaugsson “the White Viking” and the fairy Princess in the German film Uly Solum “King – the polar bear.” Breakthrough actress became involved in the film directed by Billie August based on the novel by Selma lagerlöf “Jerusalem” (1996), where she skillfully played Gertrude. Epic, multifaceted canvas, full of dramatic events and passions, was based on real events of 1886, when forty peasants from a small Swedish parish under the influence of a charismatic traveling preacher have sold their homes and possessions and went with him to the Holy land.
The popularity of Maria Bonnevie brought a major role in the psychological drama Director OLE Bornedal “I am Dina” (based on the bestselling Norwegian writer Herbjorg Wassmo “the Diary of Dina”), where the actress starred together with the famous Gerard Depardieu. Her character was a girl who had severe psychological childhood trauma – her fault mom died, and the father could not forgive this daughter. Devoid of parental love, Dina grew up alone, torn between morbid imagination and an indomitable zest for life…
The film “I am Dina” – has become one of the most ambitious projects of all the Scandinavian cinema. The budget of this historic band amounted to 144 million kroner ($21 million), it was originally filmed in English based on the international market. However, the great interest the film caused only the home of the novelist, he became the hit of hire (this film is watched by about one in six Norwegian active age). As to Maria Bonnevie, she was awarded at the film festival in Oslo Prize by the Norwegian Academy and became a truly national star.
A significant role was played by Maria Bonnevie also in the adventure Thriller “the Thirteenth warrior” (servant of Olga), the romance of Christopher boe’s “Reconstruction” (Simon), Paul feig drama “my name is David” (David’s mother), Simon Staho the drama “Day and night” (Sarah), Richard Hobert drama “Three suns” (Emma).
“The exile”
For the first time since Russian Director Andrei Zvyagintsev Maria Bonnevie met at a film festival in Sweden. They were introduced to each other, and Zvyagintsev (by that time familiar with the work of the actress) was asked, would agree she had to do. Maria, who had to watch his famous film “the Return”, he replied: “There is nothing big that I could ever want in this life.”
That settled the matter, and soon she received a major role of Faith in the drama “Exile”. In his second film Zvyagintsev once again turned to the topic of family relations. Only if the “Return” the attention of the Director and the viewer was focused on the father and the sons, in “Exile” protagonists became husband and wife, man and woman.
Speaking from his role, the actress said: “For me it is very personal. I think this is something that can happen in this life. First and foremost, we are talking about the relationship between Alex and Faith. When people lose each other. And both get lonely. When gradually the love between them die. I think it happens all the time”.
In the frame of Maria Bonnevie had to speak Russian. Her knowing our language only a few words, it was very difficult. But, according to her, the Russian language is very beautiful, and she, realizing this, has gained strength in order to continue the work. Left, the actress is happy and sound (dubbed Maria actress Elena Lyadova): “I really liked the voice, and I was glad. I’m even proud I had such a voice.”
Maria Bonnevie in General noted that he had received huge pleasure of working with Andrey Zvyagintsev Russian colleagues. “I have always been enthralled with Russia. For example, when I was a little girl, on the TV showed reports about Russia, I immediately stopped my gaze. I played Chekhov, I’ve always aspired to Moscow every night. The difference probably lies in the fact that you, Russian, are more open when expressing their emotions. You are what you are here today. It seems to me that we, in turn, more pretending that we are better than they are really. But I feel at home here in Russia”, – says the actress.

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