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Name: Margot Robbie
Date of Birth: July 2, 1990 (26 years old)
Zodiac: Cancer
Oriental horoscope: Horse
Place of Birth: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Activities: Actress
Weight: 54 kg
Height: 168 cm
Biography Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie called “Hollywood Cinderella” and the living embodiment of Barbie. Little-known Australian actress conquered the world after starring Naomi LaPaglia in the sensational Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”.
Childhood Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie was born on the Gold Coast of Australia, in the coastal city of Gold Coast, which is a famous tourist destination. But she spent her childhood on a farm grandparents in a small provincial town of Dalby. His father – a farmer Mike Robbie – left the family, and Sari Kessler had the most to raise the legs of four children – older Lachlan, Margot, junior Cameron and baby Anna.
After his parents divorced Margot no contact with his father, he became a model for the girls mother. She was a physiotherapist and worked first with the elderly, and later with the children with disabilities.
The school Margot attended almost all the clubs – from boating to dancing, from theater to softball. Later, it became a passion of surfing: it could disappear for hours on the beach to catch a wave at the moment.
On holidays the mother sent the children to the farm, so in the 10 years little Margot was able to chop wood and milking cows. But secretly she always wanted to shine under the spotlight.
After high school, Robbie went on private Somerset College. In order to support his mother, who is torn between the house, the children and the hospital, Margot in 16 years sat on three works: waitress, maid and a saleswoman in a small shop on the beach. She was able to put aside some money, she bought a ticket to Melbourne and had paid the first installment of the acting class. On the southern coast of the girl she had hard times: the day she went to school, then ran to the endless trials and auditions, and in the evening put on sandwiches in the shape of Seller “Subway” to be able to pay for tuition.
Career Margot Robbie
The first role of Margot were so insignificant that her name did not appear in the credits. But they are enough to begin to notice the actress famous Australian director Aash Aron, Robbie offered the lead role in 2007 in his new thriller, “I see you.”
Really happy for Margot began in 2008. She got the casting of the series “Neighbours”, which was successfully broadcast on Australian TV in 1985. The girl did not expect to get the role, so immediately after the casting was off with her boyfriend in a five-week vacation at the other end of the world – love came to Canada to take a ride on a snowboard. Not having to conquer the Canadian top, Margot received SMS, stating that it is now – Donna Friedman, one of the new characters in the popular series. Two days later, Robbie was again in Australia.
Shooting in the soap opera Margot dedicated almost three years, spending 5 days under the gun cameras a week for 17 hours a day. The last episode of her participation was released January 26, 2011. The role of the student-designer brought the actress two nominations for the prestigious Australian Logie Awards.
In 2011, Margot Robbie went to conquer Hollywood. But here no one expected Australia’s with open arms, and endless auditions began again. The actress auditioned for the role of Abby Sampson in the TV series “Charlie’s Angels”, but the producers preferred Rachael Taylor.
Nevertheless, Sony Pictures Television leadership has not left unattended application spectacular blonde, and she was offered a major role in the new project “Pan Am” with Christina Ricci and Kelli Garner. The series was closed after the first season because of low ratings, but the role of flight attendants Laura Cameron was for Robbie ticket to a great movie.
In 2012, Richard Curtis suggested Margo in the film “About Time”, and a year later the young Australian talent won by Martin Scorsese. About one eminent filmmaker chooses to be the “hot blonde” in his new project “The Wolf of Wall Street”, wondered the whole Hollywood.
Margot Martin sent his portfolio without much hope, and, as in the case of the “neighbors”, flew to another continent – to Britain to celebrate the “diamond” anniversary of the Queen. That evening, she received a message – a day she had come to New York for an audition with the participation of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio.
When casting manager Ellen Lewis saw what came actress (it was ripped jeans and ballet flats), immediately sent her to the store for “the most sexy short dress and shoes on high heels.”
In samples Leo improvised, and Margo had to adapt. When in one of the scenes DiCaprio after another family fights said: “You should be happy to have a husband like me. Now come over here and kiss me, “Robbie did not lose. And though she really wanted to kiss the actor, who was her idol since childhood, she came over and slapped him a resounding slap, though it was not in the script. After that Scorsese did not doubt, who played the wife of Jordan Belfort.
At the premiere of “The Wolf of Wall Street” in the Australian actress he had invited all his family, except for grandparents – Margot worried that they will not tolerate the participation of the favorite granddaughter in erotic scenes. On the red carpet star she came out with her mother.
After collaborating with Martin Scorsese about Margot spoke; she began appearing on the covers of glossy magazines, in particular, «Esquire», came in the top of rankings of the sexiest stars in Hollywood.
In 2014, the actress has expanded the geography of work – she starred in the movie “French Suite” co-production of the United Kingdom, France and Belgium. Saturated was also in 2015: the big screen came just three paintings featuring Robbie: «Z – means Zechariah”, “bearish” and “Focus”, and the young star had experience with Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, and Will Smith.
Life Margot Robbie
The actress has never concealed the names of their boyfriends. Margot’s first love was Matthew Thompson, who later became the director of a construction company in his native Coastech Constructions for Star Gold Coast. They met in elementary school. In an interview with local edition of the young man he said that “to be the first love of a Hollywood starlet – it’s cool!”. Robbie Thompson, and often occur when a star comes home.
After moving to Los Angeles, the actress met with a certain Mark, a college student, but apparently, this relationship was short-lived, as in 2012 the press “brought” Robbie and DiCaprio. The New York Post reported that the most coveted bachelor in Hollywood actress spent the night in the apartment, but the stars themselves “The Wolf of Wall Street” refused to comment on this information.
On the set of «Z – Zachary means” Margo met with art director Henry Aitken. The pair met a few months, but after working on the film, young people have left.
New actress found love on set melodrama “French Suite”. Her lover became Tom Ackerley – third assistant director. With the April 2015 publication periodically appear that Robbie Ackerley and engaged.
Margot Robbie is now
Margot and continues to act in Hollywood, and in the UK. Fans looking forward to the release of new movie with her participation, especially in anticipation of the premiere of the blockbuster adventure “Tarzan”, where partners were shooting Robbie Alexander Skarsgard and Samuel L. Jackson, and superhero picture “Suicide Squad” Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Will Smith already familiar girl in the film “Focus”.
The actress was often seen at various social events. In February 2016 press raised a fuss because of the fact that one of the London parties Margot did not recognize Prince Harry.

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