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Marco Asensio

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“I’ve never seen a kid do that to a ball. But I saw a lot of talented children. At the age of nine, Marco was an established street football player, a fighter. He played with the guys twice as old and did not give them balls. On the contrary, the big guys played on him. ” So says Clemente Marin – scout, which the Spanish “Google” finds exclusively in reference to Asensio. Not surprisingly, it was Marin who brought the guy to the academy of “Mallorca” and showed the way to big football.

He was born in Mallorca in a mixed family: his father is a Spaniard, his mother is Dutch. When the boy was four years old, the mother did not become. At the age of seven he began to play at the local school “Plage de Calvia”, which is located not even in the city of Palma, but in a picturesque suburb.

Three years later, Marco was in the academy of “Mallorca”. It was there that he became widely known among professional breeders. At 17 years spent the first semi-adult season: he played for the double, and for the basis of “Mallorca”. In the summer of 2014, many young clubs watched the young winger, the question was in price. The team from the Balearic Islands required the player to pay more than four million euros in a one-time payment and wanted to leave it for another season for rent. Among those who were interested in Asensio, there was Barcelona. According to the portal of, the Catalans were so close to signing it that the guy even went to Castelldefels to choose his accommodation. But at the last moment the deal broke. “Barca” gave 4.5 million euros in several tranches, “Mallorca” was willing to do less – but immediately. And then there was “Real”. 3.9 million euros and renting in “Mallorca” for another season – it’s all arranged. That season was a breakthrough. Under the leadership of Valery Karpin Asensio in the first match gave a scoring pass, through the game gave one more, and then scored in two matches in a row. At Karpin, he played under the attacker and on both flanks of the attack, “Mallorca” played defensive football with fast attacks, and Asencio fits perfectly into the scheme. In the summer, he went to the world championship to 19 years in the national team of Spain. And he won it, having received a prize “to the most valuable player of the tournament”. In Madrid, he was already waiting for Rafa Benitez. And in “Twitter” admired Guti.

“Marco Asensio, this is incredible!”

The 18-year-old Asensio from the World Cup immediately went to pre-season training with the basis of “Real”: this is a schedule for an adult top-level player. But Benitez could not guarantee his practice during the season and on August 20 he rented to Espanyol. So Marco again found himself in Catalonia, near the house in Castelldefels. In “Hispaniola” he played at the base all season. 34 matches in all positions in the attacking group and 13 assists. In terms of the number of assistants, Asencio outstripped Neimar, Ronaldo and lost all three in the example: Messi, Suarez and Koke. Finally, last summer he again returned to Real Madrid and this time remained in the team. Further known more or less all. In the Champions League, he just went out in the start and scored in the tournament a total of 255 minutes played – this was enough for three goals and an assistant. Perfectionist and amateur of symmetry, Marco put three goals in each tournament, in which he participated. Then he scored in the European Super Cup. Then he drowned Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup. Right now he is dragging Real Madrid, having taken the team from defeat from Valencia and at the same time has done a personal favor to Karim Benzema, whom fans of Real are damning all over the world and in all languages.


A well-known in Spain sports lawyer Tony Roca, who conducts the affairs of “Mallorca”, said in the spring: the club went cheap, selling it so early. Now it costs 50 million euros. Poor Tony. “Real” estimates Asensio slightly more expensive. The fixed amount of the ransom (it’s clausul) is 350 million. I recall that Neimar had 222 million in “Barça”. But Florentino Perez wants to rewrite the contract, which was recently renewed. The reason: you need to make the amount of compensation even more! A week ago it became known that “Real” is going to make an offer to Asensio with an increase in wages, as well as an increase in the clausule – up to 500 million euros. It sounds crazy, but the example of Neimar shows that everything can change very quickly. It seems that the president of Real Madrid is building long-term plans.

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