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Marcello Mastroianni (1924-1996), Italian actor and a movie theater. Born September 28, 1924 in Fontana Liri (Frazinone Province), near Naples, in a carpenter’s family. He graduated from the Technical School, worked as a draftsman, builder. During the war, he entered the University of Rome in the construction department. Serious passion for theater and outstanding acting abilities enable students Mastroianni to play on the stage of the University Theatre Center, and then you get into the company of L. Visconti.
His first cameo appearance in the film Marcello Mastroianni played a teenager ( “puppet”, 1938). The real film actor began in the late 1940s, after filming the movie “The August Sunday” (1949), “Paris is always Paris” (1950), “Girls from Plaza de España” (1952) by L. Emmer; “Dog’s Life” (1950) M. Monicelli; “The hero of Sunday” (1952) M. Camerini. A typical character Mastroianni was a modest and honest man – a peasant, a worker, a taxi driver, the perfect bride and husband for girls of the common people. Since the mid-1950s ( “bigamist”, 1955; “The doctor and the medicine man”, 1957) in the style of his game worse ironic shades. In the “White Nights” (1957) Visconti (by Fyodor Dostoyevsky), speaking in an ensemble with Jean Marais and Maria Schell, he first creates a sophisticated romantic image, far from their former rustic characters.
The period of creative flowering and international fame begins to Mastroianni since 1959 when F. Fellini invited him for the lead role in the film “La Dolce Vita” (1960). In the guise of a journalist Marcello Rubini foundations typical “anti-hero” of the Italian and European auteur cinema of the 1960s – a smart and cynical hedonist, charming and indifferent Casanova. Soon Gallery psychologically sophisticated and internally contradictory intellectuals replenished roles Mastroianni M. Antonioni in the film “Night” (1960) and the new masterpiece of Fellini’s “81/2” (1963). In parallel with the shooting in “movies for the elite,” the actor successfully removed in the farcical, domestic, eccentric comedies – “Divorce Italian” (1961), “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” (1963), “Italian Marriage” (1964 ) “Casanova-70” (1964). Performing style Mastroianni different shades of wealth and the ability to play in an ensemble with its partners, including the world’s film stars Sophia Loren, S. Sandrelli, Lizzie B., C. Cardinale, B. Bardot, W. Tognazzi, F. Dunaway, A. Karina.
The peak of the evolution of anti-hero for Mastroianni became Arthur Meursault in “outsiders” (1967), an adaptation of the novel Camus undertaken Visconti. Beginning of the 1970s marked the heyday of the Italian “political cinema”, but at this time Mastroianni prefer to act in full “black humor” and sarcasm film parables M. Ferreri “The man with five balls” (1970), “Female” (1972) “Great grub” (1973), “Do not touch the white woman” (1974), “Bye Bye Monkey” (1978). In the film, the Taviani brothers’ Allonzanfan “(1974), he again refers to the image of the anti-hero, a revolutionary, a traitor, and in the picture E. Scola” Special Day “(1977) reveals the drama of the social outsider.
Unlike many other stars Marcello Mastroianni and partners (especially Lauren), the 1980s brought him a series of creative success. In the film “City of Women” (1980), “Ginger and Fred” (1985), “Interview” (1987) and Fellini’s “New World” Scola actor masterfully conducts the topic dying lover of earthly pleasures. The role of such a plan and become a character Mastroianni in the Soviet-Italian film N. Mikhalkov’s “Dark Eyes” (1986; prize at Cannes International Film Festival, 1987).
In the 1990s, the actor goes to the roles typical age of heroes. The best in this series began his work in the films “all right” (1990) J. Tornatore, “Interrupted step stork” (1991) T. Angelopoulos, “Ready to Wear” (1994) Robert Altman. In 1992, Mastroianni contribution to world cinema was awarded the prize “Oscar” and “Cesar”.
The actor was officially married to Italian actress F. Carabelli. The last 20 years of his life with the French AM Tato. The objects of his long romantic interests were actresses F. Dunaway, William Andress, K. Deneuve, with whom Chiara Mastroianni’s daughter also became a movie actress. In 1996, father and daughter appeared on screen in the film “Three life and one death.”
Marcello Mastroianni died in Paris on December 19, 1996.

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