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Manuel Neuer

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Goalkeeper number 1 of the German national team has won hundreds of thousands of fans with excellent reflexes and the ability to feel the game subtly. Each of his outings on the field inspires confidence in the victory for teammates, and on the opponents catching up with depression.

Children’s years of football

The future famous goalkeeper was born in 1986 in Gelsenkirchen. As in any major German city, there was a strong football team that trains potential sports stars. For Manuel school became the club “Schalke 04”, where a five-year-old boy began to train hard. Literally from the first days of the coaching staff of the team noticed the guy the premise of a great goalkeeper. To do this, he had ideal data – high growth, rapid reaction and unique jumping. So, Neuer became the invariable defender of the gate at all meetings of youth teams.

At 17 years young goalkeeper was in the reserve team “Schalke 04” in the Regional League. At that time the club was third in the German football division. The efforts of Neuer were noted by the bosses of the main team and he was transferred to the main squad where Manuel took the place of the reserve goalkeeper.

Star Trek

The main goalkeeper of the team “Schalke 04” at that time was Frank Grow – an experienced and reliable player. Above Manuel, there is a threat to remain an eternal reservist. But growth at one of the matches was injured. Young and promising Neuer got a chance. The goalkeeper showed good results – his excellent game was noticed by both journalists and fans.

After a successful debut, Manuel often went on the field, each time demonstrating his unique ability to protect the gates, even in the most dangerous moments.

In 2008/09, at the pleasing European Championships, the game of Neuer was interested in the representatives of “Bavaria”. But the coach “Schalke 04” was not ready to release him yet.

In 2010/11, Manuel became captain of the club and managed to bring Schalke 04 to the semi-finals of the Champions League. In addition, this year, Neuer received the German Cup.

In 2011 the goalkeeper signed a five-year contract for 18 million euros with “Bavaria”. For Manuel paid 22 million euros – he took second place in the list of the most expensive goalkeepers in history, behind only Gianluigi Buffon.

But the costs were entirely justified, in the first weeks, Neuer broke the record, leaving the gate “dry” for more than 1000 minutes.

In 2014 Manuel was awarded the highest title – he was named the goalkeeper of the year. The contract with “Bavaria” was extended until 2019.

Season 2015 was for the German as generous for the awards: despite the fact that the team did not achieve significant success, Manuel again received the title of the best goalkeeper.

In 2016, the Munichers signed a new agreement, calculated until 2021. The fee of Neuer was 15 million euros, which made the goalkeeper the highest paid player of the “Bavaria”.

At the “Euro-2016” Manuel so successfully defends the goal of the national team of Germany, that the team has already reached the semi-finals. In the match with Italy ¼ finals, Neuer, no doubt, was beyond competition.

Personal life of Manuel

In 2009, Neuer began to meet with the model Catherine Gilch. The pair met at one of the matches of the German national team. Mutual sympathy developed first into friendly communication, and soon also in romantic relationships. The paintings briefly moved to Gelsenkirchen. But the transfer of Manuel to the “Bavaria” gave the opportunity for lovers to settle in Munich.

The press was already looking forward to a lavish wedding, but for some reason Neuer left Katrina. The model confirmed the parting, but the categorically refuses to speak about the reasons.

Manuel did not long walk in bachelors. The athlete has started a relationship with the girl Nina, whom he met at the disco, noting one of the victories of “Bavaria”.

Secrets of style

The owner of such an attractive appearance, like Manuel does not have to “bother” with the choice of clothes. Any thing sits on it just perfect. Since most of the life of Neuer passes on the field, he practically does not get out of the sport. In rare moments of rest, Manuel chooses a free style. Ripped jeans and a T-shirt that emphasizes a sport figure or a familiar sports suit – this is what Neuer is most likely to see.

On the courageous Aryan face of the football player, the haircut he chooses – short hair without frills. In addition, Neuer never experimented with either hair color or styling.

TOP-7 interesting facts

  1. Neuer almost became a tennis player. Up to 14 years he played on the court at the club level. But, fortunately, for German football fans Manuel still chose football.
  2. The goalkeeper very often leaves the gate during the game. He can even afford to run to the middle of the field to pass the pass.
  3. Neuer is actively engaged in charity. Its fund helps the needy young athletes to purchase the necessary inventory.
  4. Manuel is a real giant of the football world. His height is 193 cm and his weight is 92 kg.
  5. Neuer’s voice is spoken by Frank McKay in the German voice acting of the animated film “University of Monsters”.
  6. In 2011, Manuel was able to win 500 thousand euros in the game “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. The money was donated to charity.
  7. The goalkeeper adores the Italian cuisine.

Manuel this year celebrated the thirtieth anniversary. His turbulent energy and aggressive style of play continue to fill the hearts of fans with a delight of hope.

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