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Name: Maisie Williams
Date of Birth: April 15, 1997
Age: 19 years
Place of birth: Bristol, England
Height: 152
Activities: Actress
Relationship status: Single
Maisie Williams: Biography
She came to the set at 13 years old and lived with his heroine a long way, growing up and transformed into the frame. Maisie Williams – the actress who for six seasons pleases fans of “Game of Thrones.”
Macy was born on April 15, 1997 in England. The first years of her life were spent in Bristol. She – the youngest daughter, all in their family of four children. Her mother worked at City University.
Macy was little, when her parents divorced. Soon his mother remarried and moved to Somerset, where he lived stepfather future actress. There’s a girl graduated from elementary school, then I went to school and college Norton Hill. In college, she studied choreography and theater.
Performing Arts she was fond of since childhood, and the dancing was so obsessed that persuaded her mother to send her to school profiled Norton Hill. The teachers of the institution, Margaret Williams predicted great future dance because she had talent. By the way, Margaret – a real actress name given to her at birth, and Macy – creative nickname, which she borrowed from the popular comic.
Study in the dance school was her “lucky ticket” in a great movie. She participated in a talent contest, which was held in Paris. There she noticed, soon from a teenage girl has got her own agent, she began to actively attend auditions.
The first test for Maisie Williams was the casting of the second season of “My terrible nanny.” Girl brilliantly passed the selection for the selection, reached the final. From pretender without the formation of such a stage was not expected, but in the final she relented Lil Woods, who got the role.
Losing one step away from victory broke aspiring actress, on the contrary, stimulated her to come to the casting of “Game of Thrones.” Macy auditioned for the role of Arya – she had to go through five stages of selection. The girl was so convincing and so captivated the producers that it approved immediately. Arya Stark in her performance was a lively and convincing, won millions of viewers. For this role, Maisie Williams has received several prestigious awards.
Popularity does not spoil the character of the girl and had no impact on her ability to work, it is laid out on the set, lived the life of her character, and growing up with it, he honed acting skills. Arya Stark – the character of rebellious girl with the boyish habits. In just a few seasons of “Game of Thrones” Macy was the same. These traits have helped the actress convincingly play a difficult teenager in the film “Gold” and “Heat stroke”.
She also starred in the films “The Secret of Crickley Hall”, “The Fall”, “Cyber-terrorism.” In 2015, screens out the ninth season of “Doctor Who”, in which Maisie Williams played Eskhildu. She passes on the screen different characters, each time proving themselves and the audience that it is – not an actress one role.
Personal life
Personal life of a young actress – a project of “Game of Thrones”, where she spends most of the time. The tight schedule did not allow her to finish school – I had to get a certificate as an external student.
Once Maisie Williams mentioned that she had a friend. But the serious novel, it is not yet conceived. Rare free minutes actress spends thinking about sewing and fashion designer career in the future.

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