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At this point, perhaps we can say that Maggie Q – The third Chinese actress, has achieved success in Hollywood (behind Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi). Although at first glance it is difficult to understand why – beautiful Asian women in the Hong Kong movie a lot, and some outstanding acting talent Kew does not shine. Apparently, the matter of communications and perfect English.
Maggie was born on May 22, 1979 in Honolulu, its full name is Margaret Denise Quigley, her two older sisters and two stepsisters, whom her mother gave birth to the first marriage. Her father – an American, where mingled Polish, Canadian and Irish descent, and his mother was Vietnamese. Maggie graduated High School in Hawaii, then went first to Japan, then Taiwan, then to Hong Kong with the intention of becoming a model.
The first role of Maggie received in 1998 – it was a small episode in the series. And in 2000, she began her love affair with the cinema – Kew appeared in a small role in “Special Forces of the new generation of» (Gen-Y Cops, 2000) and in the main to the trash-horror film “Model From Hell» (Model from Hell, 2000 ). At that time, Maggie is very bad spoke in Cantonese, so their lines memorized at the hearing, but within a year or two she has mastered both dialects of the Chinese language. In 2001, she appeared in the melodrama “Night in Manhattan» (Manhattan Midnight), removed the joint efforts of the Hong Kong and American filmmakers, and flashed in an episode of “Rush Hour 2”. And in 2002, hit the bull’s-eye with “Naked Weapon» (Naked Weapon), a spiritual successor to the cult “Naked Killers” (1992). Although the film has turned out, shall we say, controversial, it has caused a great resonance not only in the east but also in the West.
The year 2003 proved to be a disaster for Maggie – in addition to direct-to-video melodrama “Hooligans» (Trouble Makers, 2003), she never appeared, but the year 2004 brought her several interesting projects. Among them, the conversational drama “filmed» (Taped), Singapore’s comedy “Rice Rhapsody» (Rice Rhapsody) and the melodrama “Magic Kitchen» (Magic Kitchen), where she was a small, but quite bright role. In addition to these Asian films Maggie lit in the “Around the World in 80 Days” – Jackie Chan Hollywood project, which failed at the box office, but introduced to the west with some stars Hong Kong (other than the Q in the film flashed Daniel Wu, Karen Mok, and many others).
In 2005, the Kew starred in the action movie “Troop Dragon» (Dragon Squad, 2005) and moved to America, where it is waiting for a lot of offers. These include biographical drama “Barbara Wood” (2006), where Q is playing with Singaporean actress Fann Wong, thriller “Counting House” (2006), where her partners were again Asian actor Michael Wong, Cheng Pei-Pei and Eddy Ko (although starred ribbon Italians), and the big-budget action film “Mission Impossible 3” where Maggie got the role of sexy assistant Tom Cruise. The following year she played a similar role, but with a minus sign (ie, assistant villain) in the fourth “Die Hard” (say that she got the role without even samples) and from that moment becomes stronger in the west in the status of promising stars.
Since career Maggie slowly but surely creeping up – she played the female lead in the comedy “Balls of Fury” (2007), appeared in the thriller “Contact List” (2008) and the melodrama “New York, I Love You” (2008 ), and became the main character of the video game «Need for Speed: Undercover». In Hong Kong in 2005, the year she returned only once, to play a leading role in the “Three Kingdoms» (Three Kingdoms, 2008), and its short-term plans is that there is no Chinese paintings.
Personal life Maggie seethes and boils – including her past boyfriends Daniel Wu, Edison Chen, Korean actor of American origin Daniel Henney and Japanese footballer Nakata Hidetosi. In the midst of a scandal with Edison Chen’s pornographic photos were persistent rumors that Maggie also have compromised among the actresses, but photos of her participation and have not seen the light – whether they did not have time to put in a network, whether it was just a rumor. As befits a beautiful actress model looks, she is full of advertising contracts – for example, by Shiseido. She is a vegetarian.

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