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Mae West

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Breaking into a puritanical society of America 20-ies, the actress Mae West once overshadowed all the beauties of the then – thin, pale and languid.
His crazy energy, emancipation and curvaceous she broke all standards. She hated society in the struggle for morality and condemned the church. One day, laughing, she requested a license for the invention of sex, claiming that she opened it for America.
Candid manners Mae and low sexy voice maddening men and women were forced to sin-bred. Itself Mae called a copy of the Venus de Milo: “The only difference is that I have a hand, and I know what they do and I’m not a marble.!”
But in our modern eyes it looked pretty ridiculous: badly painted ugly face, colorful outfits, small stature (155 cm) and with a large bust (130 cm).
Married woman
Mae West was born on August 17, 1893 in the family of the actress, which is rarely declared home and former boxer with a reputation for rowdy and drunk. At sixteen she had already performed in amateur vaudeville, and at seventeen – father, who wanted to appease the growing fervor daughter, married her humble actor.
But marriage is not only to pacify curious girl, and on the contrary, opened up great opportunities for her. Now she was walking to the right – to the left. And very soon the marriage broke up. However, by this time Mei has chosen a more advantageous game – four decades of rich lawyer James Timoney, who did not bother reckless behavior of his wife.
Their union lasted forty-five years, until James’s death. He never ceased to love his frivolous wife, despite the fact that sometimes he had the power to pull out of the Mae strange bed.
Catherine Embodiment
Mae West read a lot, especially on the Russian Empress Catherine the Great. She wanted to be like all over her. Gradually, the “Empress Broadway” ceased to hold the roles she was offered. And she decided to write a play itself. From the first works of the West unhappy love a sailor called inappropriate for those years the word “sex”, the public was shocked.
Then Mei underwent staging Broadway in Connecticut port. And here, “Sex” was the full house, the proceedings ended in the police and ten days in prison. Advertisements May it made brilliant. And she went to conquer Hollywood.
Great Dali, enchanted movie starring Mae, wrote a portrait of her, and said: “.! When you come to it, you are met and possessing alluring lips But be careful, this mouth at any time can eat you!”
Sated shooting a movie, Mei returned to the theater. It conducts its long-held dream: to stage performances of Catherine II and plays a major role in it. The first night was grand! Mei as saying about the woman: “. The Empress rules thirty million and had three thousand lovers I’m sure Catherine was my first incarnation.”
Why not? Even when he was in his old age, Mae West, as well as Russian Empress, he continued to seduce the young athletes and to engage with them love every day, until his death in 1980.

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