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City Madrid – capital of Spain, while the main town of the province of the same name, located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, in the central region of the country’s historic Castile. Today Madrid – big metropolis, full of life, strength, and real Spanish temperament. The number of Madrid’s population today exceeds 3.2 million people – is undoubtedly the largest and most influential city in Spain, playing a major role in the political, economic and cultural life of the country.
Open-air museum
The first mention of Madrid date back to the X century – at the time he was a small village around the fortress Madzhirit located between the two largest cities at the time of the Kingdom of Spain – Toledo and Segovia. Madrid, Spain was declared in 1561, despite the fact that for five centuries, little has changed here. This is partly why Madrid is sometimes called “intentional city” – he became one of the largest and most beautiful European capitals only at the whim of the most influential Spanish King Phillip II.
The city of Madrid has always been famous for its architecture – which is why it is often called “open air museum”. Where you can easily lose track of a variety of cathedrals and churches, palaces and royal castles, galleries and exhibitions. The greatest interest of tourists is, of course, the official residence of the Spanish monarchs – the grand Royal Palace. By the way, another interesting nickname Madrid – “palace Capital of Europe” – due both times with a large number of various forts, castles and palace complexes of various royal dynasties.
Madrid is very proud of the fact that in 1992 the Spanish capital was chosen as the “city of the European culture.” Indeed, the city keeps the cultural heritage of many generations of great artists – which is only the Prado Museum, which has the world’s largest collection of Spanish painting. This world-famous museum – part of the so-called “Golden Triangle of Art” in Madrid, where in addition it includes more Reina Sofía and Thyssen-Bornemisza.
Of course, do not spend all their time just to explore the many museums of Madrid – the city itself is incredibly beautiful, and even a simple leisurely stroll through its streets will bring a lot of fun. Be sure to visit the city’s main Retiro Park – a great place to relax, and in addition there are many interesting attractions.
City of a Thousand entertainment
Today Madrid – rather calm and quiet city, despite its status as the capital of Spain. However, it is not in vain considered to be the ideal place for lovers of nightlife – after dark, the streets seemed alive and bustling Spanish young people having fun until dawn in the numerous clubs, changing them one by one.
Tip: lovers of nightlife and entertainment should go to the area of St. Anne and the street Huertas – these places are famous for a large number of discos, bars and nightclubs.
Traditionally measured and unhurried life of Madrid is also transformed during football matches – games involving the royal club “Real Madrid”, or at least popular in the capital, “Atletico Madrid” invariably cause a wave of interest among football fans and the passionate fans of this game.
In addition to football and the many discos in Madrid, of course, many other attractions, such as theaters, museums, amusement parks and even a few water parks. Of great interest is flamenco dance, live to enjoy the beauty that can be in the club Corral de la Morera in the city center.
However, the most interesting and attractive sight for residents and visitors of Madrid has been and remains the traditional Spanish bullfights. Season bullfighting lasts from March to October, and the most important competitions are held in May – partly why spring is considered the best time to visit Madrid.
And finally, a beautiful video of Madrid in timelapse style – enjoy!

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