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She won 20 times statuettes MTV Video Music Awards and 7 times – Award Grammy. The volume of sales of licensed products featuring Madonna, is 275 million dollars, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Singer has been included in the list of ’25 most influential women of the twentieth century ‘.
In 2013, Madonna acknowledged the richest of the singers – its annual revenues exceeded $ 125 million. Not only a singer, but also a dancer, songwriter, actress, successful businesswoman – Madonna appears to the audience in a variety of guises, often controversial, but it is always accompanied by success. She won 20 times statuettes MTV Video Music Awards and 7 times – Award Grammy. The volume of sales of licensed products featuring Madonna, is 275 million dollars, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Singer has been included in the list of ’25 most influential women of the twentieth century ‘. It is called the queen of pop music, but at least is an honorary title and the other – a style icon.
The famous singer was born on 16 August 1958 in Bay City (Michigan). Unusual name, that many considered outrageous pseudonym, she got in honor of the mother, Madonna Louise Ciccone (Madonna Louise Ciccone), Canadians of French origin; 13 years after confirmation girl picked himself another name – Veronica. Madonna had two older brothers and three younger sisters; their father, an ethnic Italian Silvio Ciccone, worked as an engineer at the famous factory ‘Chrysler’. In 1963, there was a tragedy – during the sixth pregnancy the mother of the family diagnosed with breast cancer, but it is for religious reasons refused to abortion and treatment, with the result that died at the age of 30 years. Two years later his father married a housekeeper Joan Gustafson, and they had two more children. The atmosphere in the family has sharply deteriorated – Madonna did not reconcile with the advent of the stepmother, besides her older brothers became addicted (after the singer all his life differed intolerance to drugs). At the same time the girl well studied, though he is often shocked the Catholic school teachers with their antics, and in 14 years has caused social and family scandal, performing at school talent contest shocking dance in a frank costume. In high school, Madonna was a cheerleader and was able to convince the family to pay for her lessons choreography. She perfectly graduated from high school, qualifying for free tuition, and against the wishes of his father entered the choreographic department of the University of Michigan. Excellent physical data and the enormous endurance Madonna combined with not very good basic training, besides psychological problems made themselves felt: she clashed with fellow practitioners, dressed sloppily and defiantly.
In the second year Madonna visited the master class choreographer Pearl Lang and decided to work in her troupe. With 35 dollars in my pocket she went to New York, passed a rigorous selection and the start of work. Earnings aspiring dancer was not great, and Madonna moonlighted artist’s model, cloakroom, a saleswoman donuts, sometimes losing consciousness from hunger at the rehearsals. In 1979 she was selected as a dancer and backing vocalist for the concert tour, Patrick Hernandez, and throwing her boyfriend Dan Gilroy, she flew to Paris.
Producers predicted Madonna career of pop star, but she preferred to punk rock. Six months later, ill with pneumonia, she returned to New York and, having mastered under the guidance of Gilroy play drums, began performing in the group ‘Breakfast Club’. However, her more attracted to a career soloist, and in 1980, Madonna founded her own group.
In 1982, she recorded a first single, and in 1983 – the debut album. In his first video she appears in a torn T-shirt, with massive chains, NOT, hair roots – and gaining more and more supporters. The grand success of the album ‘Like a Virgin’ (1985), and changed the image of the singer. She fell in love with whipped hair, abundant jewelry, short tops and transparent dress.
In 1985, Madonna married actor Sean Penn; This marriage ended in divorce two years later, the cause of which has a tendency to aggression Sean. The singer has toured the world, and in the creation of her concert costumes attended by many well-known fashion designer. Shocking designer and fan of underwear style Jean Paul Gaultier came up to the famous Madonna cone bra and a corset, which (in the form of a smoothed) subsequently established in the wardrobes of fashionistas. Dolce & Gabbana, to get acquainted with the singer in 1990, claiming that it was her they owe their worldwide fame.
In 1991, Madonna again changed the image, based on the image of the legendary Marilyn Monroe, and in 1995 became the face of ‘Versace’.
By this time, notoriety, who was involved in the scandal, began to weigh on the singer. She worked a lot on technique vocal abandoned filming in questionable roles. In 1996, Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Maria, with his father which, fitness trainer Carlos Leon, the singer did not issue an official relationship. At this time, Madonna strenuously engaged in spiritual practices, including Kabbalah.
In 1998, she released her new album ‘Ray Of Light’, is characterized by unusual for the singer mystical orientation. The image of the Madonna at the time gravitated to ethnic styles – Indian sari she wore coats with oriental ornaments, made an unusual make-up (which, incidentally, caused protests by Indian religious organizations). At the same time, the singer met with the British director Guy Ritchie. In August 2000 they had a son, Rocco, and in December of the same year, the day after the christening of the baby, the wedding. Madonna happy to get used to the image of an English aristocrat – a neat blond hair, natural make-up, classic style of dress. She learned to speak with an English accent, to fish, to hunt for pheasants, and in 2003 even published a book for children. However, in 2005, Madonna has unsuccessfully fallen from his horse and received numerous fractures. After this incident, the singer was very thin, and her songs appeared near death motif. In 2008, Guy and Madonna adopted David, year-old child from Malawi. In 2009, the singer’s marriage to Guy Ritchie broke up, after which she adopted another three-year and Malawian girl Mercy.
Despite the changes in marital status and four children, the singer continued her successful career. In addition, in 2010, Madonna has opened its own network of fitness clubs. Also, together with her daughter Lourdes she launched fashion brand ‘Material Girl’. Products of this brand, which includes clothing as well as shoes, accessories, jewelry and perfume for teens, is already being sold on the Internet and a network of shops ‘Macy’s’. According to the singer, her daughter very early developed sense of style. Although Lourdes dresses like most girls her age – large T-shirt, sneakers, plaid shirt – she knows how to design a pattern and come up with original garments. Madonna says that her daughter does not approve, when the singer puts too open things, and at the same time criticize it for being too simple and sustained in a sports-style home clothes. Singer herself in recent years trying to stick elegantly understated style, and retains the excellent form.

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