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Madeleine Petsh: a biography
Cable channel The CW, famous for its time projects “Supernatural”, “Strela” and “Hundred”, launched another successful series – “Riverdale”. This series is an adaptation of the old line of comics (but not superhero, as in the case of Strela, Supergel, and Tomorrow’s Legends), but the creators of Riverdale made it clear that this would not be a product licked for censors, but modern version of the TV series “Twin Peaks”, but with the expectation of a young audience. One of the main roles in “Riverdale” was performed by aspiring actress Madeleine Patsch.

Childhood and youth
The future screen queen was born on August 18, 1994. It happened in the small town of Port Orchard, located in Washington State (USA). Madeleine’s parents divorced, even when she was little, and since the girl’s father moved to her homeland in South Africa, Maddy spent her childhood in flights between two continents.

Petsch’s talent manifested itself quite early. Already at the age of three, the girl went to the dances, and at five she began to study in the theater group. Therefore, it is not surprising that immediately after graduating from the South Kitsap School, Madeleine moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional acting career.

Films and series
Petsh rather quickly found an agent who immediately put her in the annual ad for Coca-cola. It happened in 2014. Manager Madeleine decided that to light up in a commercial of a well-known brand is a good decision, because in this case, the beginning actress will see the largest possible audience, which means there is a chance to show themselves to the big bosses from the world of cinema and television.

Partly, this happened – in 2015, Madeleine appeared in the episodic role of a mermaid in the family comedy series “Stepmother” with Tia Mowri and Michael Botman.

The series was followed by a debut in the full-length movie – Petsch starred in the fantastic horror film “Roy” by David Yarovski, a director who had previously shot only short films. In the story next to the summer children’s camp crashes a plane carrying a dangerous virus that can affect people’s brains. Yarovski wanted to make a film in the spirit of “Mad Men” by George Romero and “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” by Philip Kaufman. And he succeeded.

The next film with the participation of a young actress was also shot in the horror genre, but this time the scope shifted from a fantastic subgenre to fantasy. The new tape was called “The Curse of Sleeping Beauty”. The director was made by Theo Pirri (Gene Generation, Necromancy, Witchville: City of Witches), and among the actors you could see Ethan Peck, Nathalie Holly and Bruce Davison. The film was released in 2016.

In the story, the main character unexpectedly inherits the mansion. As befits in such cases – an unexpected gift keeps dangerous secrets, which the heir, the realtor and the local priest have to learn. Otherwise, this picture is a modern version of the famous tale of the Sleeping Beauty, which for a long time no one woke up.

After the release of the horror movie Theo Pirri Madeleine received an offer to play in the TV series “Riverdale”. At first, the girl wanted to refuse, but, having figured out what this project was, she changed her mind.

In fact, “Riverdale” is a screen version of a comic strip about a guy named Archie and his friends living in the town of Riverdale. These comics began to appear in the forties of the last century, so for their long journey, the style and genres changed more than once. So during one of the experiments, a separate line of comic books appeared, telling about Sabrina Spellman. Later, these comics were filmed in the form of the TV series “Sabrina – the Young Witch Girl” with Melissa Joan Hart.

There were other screen versions devoted directly to Archie, but they came out in the version of the animated series. It was decided to remove the new project with real, rather than painted, actors. The role of Archie Andrews was played by KJA, Betty Cooper – Lily Reinhart, Jaghed Jones – Cole Sprouse, Veronica Lodge – Camilla Mendez, and Cheryl Blossom – Madeleine Petsch.

In the first season, the guys tried to uncover the murder of brother Cheryl Blossom Jason (Trevor Steins played this role), in parallel revealing the dark secrets of the inhabitants of their town. “Riverdale” was warmly welcomed by the audience, because the series immediately extended to the second season.

Personal life
Madeline does not speak about her family. It is known that parents are divorced – the mother stayed in Port Orchard, and the father is somewhere in South Africa. Also, Petsh once mentioned her brother Sean, who also marks in the cast.

Since the summer of 2017, the actress has entered into a serious relationship – an actor and musician Travis Mills has become her boyfriend.

Like Lily Reinhart – her colleague on the set – Madeline uses Twitter and Instagram to communicate directly with her fans. With the same purpose, Petsh started a blog on YouTube’s video hosting, where she shares the details of her biography, and also talks about the backstage of Riverdale. It is worth noting that while this girl is not shy to appear in public and in the lens of the camera without makeup.

Until fourteen, Madeleine was a vegetarian, and at fourteen she became a vegan. In addition, the girl is a non-profit organization “People for an ethical attitude to animals,” founded in 1980 by Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco.

The actress loves to share her photos with fans. Once subscribers noticed that Petsh is like another actress – Holland Roden – the star of the TV series “Teen Wolf”, “Datura” and “Passion Anatomy”. With the growth of 168 centimeters the weight of a girl ranges from 45 to 50 kilograms.

Madein petz now
In November 2017, the release of the second season of “Riverdale” began. Rumor has it that in the last episodes of the audience expects a “strawberry” – in one of the scenes Petsh will appear naked. However, official confirmation from the actress herself, or from the creators of the series has not been received.

In addition, in 2017 the comedy “Devil’s Graduation” will be released, in which Madeline will also take part. The film was directed by Benny Fine, who previously shot for YouTube the reaction of children and adults to certain events.

In January 2018, the horror film Polaroid, which tells about the damned camera, will be released on screen – the one who appears in the Polaroid picture will die the next day. The fault of the case in the picture was the entire class of American high school. The guys have a day to correct the situation.

The 2018 Polaroid is a full-length version of the short film by Lars Klevberg, shot in 2015. In addition to Madeleine, one more face familiar to fans of the genre will shine in the film – actor Javier Botet (he played the roles of monsters in the horror films “Mama”, “It”, “Mummy”, “Curse 2”, “Report 3” and others).

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