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Macaques – primates belonging to the family of apes or Old World monkey sobakagolovyh. In your party, belong to macaque simian, Old World monkeys of the Old World. In his family, they belong to the subfamily Ctrcopithecinae, which include monkeys, mandrill, and baboons. Appearing on the planet more than five million years old, this genus comprises 21 species.
Distribution of the genus
Except for the Barbary Macaque (Maghreb macaques) that inhabits the north of Africa and Gibraltar, and is the only species living in Europe, a vital area of macaques is Asia – from Afghanistan to the southeast of the continent and the islands of Japan. Macaques living in a variety of locations and climatic conditions – from tropical forests to mountain tops. Thus, a rhesus monkey – feel confident in the cities and villages, and the Japanese monkey, living in the highlands, is a (non-human) with the primacy of northern habitat.
Macaques. Japanese macaque fotoMakaki – a creature with a well-developed limbs, reaching the size of 80 centimeters and a weight – ranging from six to fifteen kilograms. Males are larger than females twice. primate body is covered with thick brown or black hair, some species have a beard. Tail length depending on the species, different: many – it is equal to the length of the trunk, it is not Barbary Macaque, some other species have a short tail.
Having good skills in climbing through the branches of trees and rocks, most of our time animals spend on the ground, showing the activity of the day. Primates live in groups, which have between ten to one hundred individuals. In most cases, the number of females are in the group exceeds the number of males exceeding it a few times. Individuals who can not oppose the leader, make separate groups.
Rhesus macaque with a cub fotoIerarhicheskie requirements for both sexes, are characteristic of the groups. Reaching sexual maturity, young males leave the group, but females remain. Territorial disputes between the two groups do not wear bright colors, often members of the various groups involved in the search for food nearby. Communication and cooperation is expressed in screaming, screeching and squeaking – as a means of communication in different situations, play and care for woolen cover each other.
As omnivores, macaques prefer foods of plant origin consisting of a variety of fruits, leaves, seeds, bark, nuts, as well as flowers and pine needles. As animal foods are insects, and various small animals and bird eggs. Cynomolgus monkey, which is able to swim well, in addition to the usual diet of fruits, berries and nuts, complements crustaceans and crabs.
Macaques mate with different partners, but the main role in this process plays a hierarchical level that the animal takes. Gestation lasts from 160 to 170 days, the light appears one cub. During the year, it feeds on the mother’s milk. Males are able to multiply six – seven years, and females in three – four years. Under natural conditions, macaques live 15 to 20 years, in an artificially created conditions, life expectancy reaches 30 years of primacy.
Class – Mammals
Family – Old World monkey
Rod – Macaques

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