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Lyndsy Fonseca

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Lyndsy Marie Fonseca – American actress, is best known through the melodrama of William Bell’s “Young and the Restless” (the role of Colleen Carlton), a satirical drama Marc Cherry “Desperate Housewives” (Dylan Meyfeir), Sitka Carter Bays and Thomas Craig “How I Met Your Mother “(daughter of Ted Mosby) fighter Craig Silvers” Nikita “(Alexander Udine), Matthew Vaughn’s superhero comedy” Kick-Ass “(Katie Homes).
Lyndsy Fonseca was born on January 7, 1987 in the Californian city of Oakland. Her father, James Victor had Portuguese roots, and the mother of Lima Bergmann was Jewish with German-Irish descent. When parents divorce, Lyndsy appeared stepfather – attorney Reid Dworkin and younger sister Hannah. Most childhood Fonseca held in the city of Alameda (California), but after her mother moved her marriage with her in Auckland and then in Morag. In San Francisco, the girl noticed Manager talents: as a result, thirteen Lyndsy in the middle of the school year went to Los Angeles for the first time to take part in the filming. The following year the young Fonseca won the role of Colleen Carlton on the television series “The Young and the Restless.” The project has been a qualitative breakthrough in the women’s career and ensured its three-year work contract. Soon mother and stepfather Lyndsy also settled in Los Angeles.
By the end of the contract the actress already had in its reserve several guest roles, participation in television, the pilot releases and independent belts. In 2005, Fonseca made it to the long-comedy channel project CBS «How I Met Your Mother” won worldwide popularity. She was cast in the role of the daughter of the main character Ted Mosby. The series was awarded six “Emmy” awards, and has won awards «Teen Choice Awards», «Choosing television critics,” “People’s Choice”. At the same time the shooting took place at the Fonseca family Steven Robmena “without their consent.” Her next work was the female lead in the drama of Tom McLaughlin “Cyber seduction: his secret life.” Saturated 2005 ended for the film actress Michael Switzer “Ordinary Miracles”, where she appears as a sixteen-year-offenders, which by coincidence is necessary to take custody of the judge, leading her case.
The next year 2006 was marked for Lyndsy projects such as drama Steve Miner’s “Scarlett” and the thriller Nicolas Peterson “Intellectual Property”. Fonseca then appeared in a number of successful TV series “Phil of the Future», «C.S.I .: CSI,” “Heroes,” “House MD”. In 2007, the young actress joined the cast of the TV project “Desperate Housewives”, which starred Dylan Meyfeir, daughter Katherine. In 2010, the actress began extensive work on the television series “Nikita”, based on a French feature film Luc Besson’s “La Femme Nikita”. In the same year on the big screens out the eccentric action comedy superhero “Kick-Ass”, loosely based on the comic book of Mark Millard and John Romita Jr. Starring Nicolas Cage and Aaron Johnson. In 2013, the premiere of the sequel to the picture “Kick-Ass 2”, where Fonseca also appeared in the image of Katy House.

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