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Birthday: 31.05.1948 year
Age: 66 years
Place of birth: Montreal, Canada
Date of death: 19.10.2014 year
Place of death: London, UK
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Height: 163 cm
Linda Bellingham for many decades concealed that he was a foster child…
In childhood He was eager to help other children find loving families, and it brought her to the children’s charity Fund ‘Barnardo’s’. Her widowed husband Michael Patterson told about how long Linda was tormented by doubts, or not to tell the world your story of adoption and how desperately tried to mend fences with his biological mother who abandoned her in infancy.
Michael helped to carry the heavy burden of the wife during the last few months of her fight with colon cancer. He was near her when she died at the age of 66 years in a private London clinic. In the last days of her life, Patterson repeatedly mentioned how proud the aging Linda, but today he increasingly stresses how his wife overcame the biggest test of his life – no longer hide from the world that once was given to a foster family.
To keep secret the secret was doubly difficult, since 1990 He was the Ambassador of the Fund ‘s Barnardo”, assisting in the adoption. She knew firsthand how many children need to find new and loving families. Patterson says: ‘If it was discovered, that she could still do something to help people, no matter by what means and no matter how much it took time, it always took a step forward. She was one of the most selfless and loving people you will ever meet’.
Michael continues: ‘Linda was adopted four months. Her canadian mother, Marjorie became pregnant out of wedlock. Marjorie West’s family was a hell of devout Baptists who, in essence, could not allow her to leave the baby’.
Linda grew up in Buckinghamshire (Buckinghamshire), where her adoptive father Donald and foster mother Ruth never gave the girl to feel that she was non-native. Who found true happiness with a loving family, Bellingham, however, still hoped one day to meet with their biological mother.
‘It happened when she was 35, – says Michael, – after the birth of youngest son Robbie’. Linda managed to get in touch with Marjorie, which she wanted to learn more about their roots. But the family of Marjorie always kept a ‘dark secret’, and Linda was still a source of shame.
Patterson said: ‘Nothing could disclose the nature of their relationship, as Linda received a letter in the spring of 2012, when Linda was on the road. The letter said that Marjorie had died and that she was buried. The family did not want me or Linda were present at the funeral, because most of the family did not know about the existence of Linda’.
After that He felt completely rejected. Widowed spouse recalls: ‘while I knew all the details about Linda’s past, she didn’t want to know someone else. It did not say a sense of shame, she just wanted to protect Donald and Ruth from any awkward questions. It’s amazing how many years it led the campaign for adoption and adoption, meeting with dozens of families and staff ‘Barnardo’s’, and never referred to himself’.
Only in 2011, six years after the death of Donald and Ruth, Linda, in his book ‘Lost and Found’, told the world that was a foster child. The revelation inspired the couple to Michael’s to talk about his own childhood in a foster family in the hope that this will help others, especially now that he has taken the responsibility to manage all Affairs of the late actress in the Fund ‘s Barnardo”.
Patterson says: ‘the Only time when I was very happy, this is the last ten years with Linda. That’s why I’m so incredibly hard to accept her death. We had so many plans. It certainly does not look 66, and played like she was 30. She always joked that she wants one day to win an ‘Oscar’ in all likelihood, in the category of ‘Rookie’ year in 75′.
‘We lived with her in perfect harmony, – continues Michael, and never argued. We were birds of a feather, with the same sense of humor, both hard working, both loving life. We didn’t have to ask each other about what we think, because we both knew our thoughts. And the feeling is amazing’.
When Linda, a few days before his death, asked Michael if he could do it for charity after her departure, he said Yes, provided he will accept the Fund ‘s Barnardo”.
‘I met dozens of foster families, says at the end of Patterson, and I knew how much they are kind and loving, I knew what a great chance they give to children. I went through all this, so my word is justified’.

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