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Actor and musician Luke Goss (Luke Damon Goss) was born 29.09.1968 yea in London, UK. One of a pair of twins, Luke was born 11 minutes before his brother Matt, both boys were premature, and not much get weight. However, subsequently, of the two who caused so much anxiety at birth, toddlers, grew up handsome brothers Goss (growth Luke is 185 cm). Their parents soon divorced – the boys were then five years old and soon to be mother married a second time. Music brothers became interested quite early – young Luke began to dream of a drum set, not being able to see her properly in the storefront because of the small growth. For twelve years the dream has come true – the mother and stepfather gave him a brand-new reels. It was then born musician Luke Goss. However, the real music began for the brothers in the late eighties – in a group of ‘Bros.’. Special heights in the world of music to reach and failed, but the guys (in the group besides the brothers, Craig Logan) has released three albums. The fourth, consisting of the best compositions from previous albums, was released in 2004, when the group no longer existed. In addition, the ‘Bros.’ spent two full world tour and managed to acquire fans.
And then, after the breakup of the band in the early nineties, Luke organized a solo project – the band ‘Luke Goss and the Band Of Thieves’. However, after four singles released, the new team has stopped.
However, public activities talented in different areas of the Hatch (and it was always the ‘elder brother’ in this pair), was not limited only to music. Movie actor Luke Goss has a record of about three dozen roles. The first on-screen appearance Goss date back to 2000 when it first appeared in films and on television. Both his debut was a television film by Frank V. Smith, ‘The Stretch’ and the drama of Simon Mangaka ‘Two Days, Nine Lives’ – was more than successful, in both cases, Luke got a major role.
In 2002, the actor played in the drama ‘Zigzag’ (ZigZag) David S. Goyer together with Wesley Snipes. Parting just for a moment, the two met again in the same year, this time in the Thriller Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘blade 2’ (Blade II).
2004-the year for his role in East action Jingle MA ‘Silver hawk’ (Fei ying). In the same year, Goss played the main character – a cruel and authoritative gang boss Charlie Richardson – crime drama Malcolm SR ‘Charlie’ (Charlie).
Well accustomed to the tough and dynamic the genre of thrillers / action Luke Goss played in the 2005 COP John dark Thriller in Andrew goth’s ‘Cold and dark’ (Cold and Dark). In 2006, Goss played Dominic the Seine in ’13 graves’ (13 Graves); in 2007 won the main role in the Thriller Brett A. HART’s ‘Dry bone’ (Bone Dry). His character, Eddie, armed with a rifle, went on an exciting but risky journey across the Texas desert.
During 2008, the year Luke appeared in the adventure Thriller Guillermo Del Toro ‘Hellboy II: the Golden army’ (Hellboy II: The Golden Army), action movie Director Jerseys Hilba ‘Deep winter’ (Deep Winter), and joined the actor’s team launched the television series ‘the Brink’ (Fringe).
It is known that Luke Goss will play the main characters at least in two projects in 2010 – a fantasy Thriller adriana J. Carter ‘Extinction’ (Extinction) and a fantastic picture of Dwight H. little’s ‘Tekken’ (Tekken).
Since 1994 Luke Goss is married to singer Shirley Lewis, the family has a daughter.
An autobiography Goss, ‘I Owe You Nothing’ which was released in 1994, enjoyed a huge readers ‘ demand and very quickly became a bestseller.

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