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Lucy Hale is an American singer and actress, best known for her roles in the television series “Biobaba”, “Spoiled”, “Sweet Cheaters” and others.

Short biography
Karen Lucille Hale was born June 14, 1989 in the city of Memphis, Tennessee in a strict Christian family. She became the youngest of three children, Hale – she has an older sister Maggie and half brother Wes. In childhood, Lucy forbade a lot, even to watch Britney Spears clips. “When I did manage to watch the video” Baby One More Time, “I wondered who this pig-tailed girl was and why she was showing her belly,” the TV star admitted later. “But most of all I was worried about something else: why did I suddenly want to become like her?” From the moment of discovering the “Britney phenomenon”, little Lucy had a burning desire to become “the second Britney Spears.” Dreams of becoming a pop star freed Lucy from the shackles of parental education. Not yet reaching the age of majority, Lucy hurried to storm the castings of musical TV shows and television series, began performing at small concert venues, trying to write songs. She simultaneously began a career as an actress and a singer. Television helped her achieve success. Getting into the box was not difficult. At first, Lucy received episodic roles on TV shows (“C.S.I .: Miami,” “OS — Lonely Hearts,” “Drake and Josh,” “Declassified Ned’s Guide to Survival in School,” “How I Met Your Mother”). But then she won a bigger job. Success came to her at the age of 18, when she appeared in the lead role in the TV series “Biobaba” (2007). This TV project tells about bartender Jamie Sommers, who is actually the mother of her younger sister (Lucy is playing her) and does not suggest that her life could be even worse. But after a severe car accident, Jamie’s only hope of survival is costly top-secret government technology. She has to figure out how to repay her debt and learn how to use her supernatural abilities to do good deeds. Jamie starts a new life as a bionic woman. Lucy Hale, an 18-year-old actress and singer, has already become a recognizable face for Americans. Success consolidated participation in the subsequent numerous television series. One of the most high-profile films in Lucy’s filmography is the Spoiled Project (2008-2010). The series tells about the 23-year-old graduate of Yale Megan Smith, who intends to conquer the world of journalism, despite the fact that while working in the “yellow” press. However, all Megan’s plans collapse when she loses her job one day, meets the beauty industry mogul and becomes a teacher of two teenage twins. Her pupil Rose plays Lucy Hale. Rose is capricious and capricious, but the teacher is going to win her love. Another popular TV show with Hale was the project “Lovely Tricksters” (since 2010). The project tells about four girlfriends – Spencer, Hannah, Emily and Aria, played by Lucy. Their friendship came to an end when their common best friend Alison disappeared. A year after her mysterious disappearance, the girls begin to receive cryptic messages from an anonymous author who knows all their secrets — including those that only Alison knew — and threatens to disclose them. But Alison is dead. Who sends these messages? – this is the main intrigue of the series, which continues to haunt the minds of television viewers around the world. For acting in this project, Lucy Hale was twice awarded the nomination for the prestigious Teen Choice Awards in 2010 and 2011 – and won both times, securing the status of an ascending TV star.

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