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Lucille ball is a popular American actress, Queen of Hollywood comedies of the 50’s and 60’s, star of the television series “I love Lucy” and its sequels. Four times winner of Emmy award and six-time nominee for a Golden globe. Known for the TV shows “I love Lucy”, “True life”, “Lucy Show”, “Yours, mine and ours”, “Mam”.
Lucille Desiree ball was born August 6, 1911 in New York, Jamestown. Died April 26, 1989 in Beverly hills, California, at the age of 77 years.
Lucille’s father was Scottish and his mother was Irish and French roots. The head of the family worked as a lineman for the phone company, the Bulls moved frequently from place to place. In four years the girl lost father, he died of typhoid fever. Lucille and her brother Fred were raised by her mother and grandparents.
As a teenager, Lucille began to participate in school productions. At 14 years old she begged her mom to let her go to study in school of dramatic art of John Muray Anderson. But shyness prevented her to fully Express themselves: the teachers are constantly criticized her as “hopeless”, so a year Lucille left school.
Boll it took 7 years to gain confidence in yourself. In 1932 21-year-old beauty went to new York to again try their luck in the acting field. First appeared in advertising (cigarettes, fashion house), and then began to get roles on the Broadway stage (performed under the pseudonym Diane Belmont). But Lucille was waiting for another failure. A year later she was fired from the theatre. From the former of modesty Lucille is not gone – she was now relaxed and talented actress, who was still looking for his place in the dramatic field.
Soon after the failure on Broadway, Lucille moved to Hollywood to become a movie actress. Before his triumph Lucille about 10 years starred in the films category, thanks to which he received the nickname “Queen of bolivars” (“Dance, girl, dance”, “Easy to marry”, “Tempted”, “Dark corner”, “Without love”, “Get a life”, etc.). 30 Nov 1940 29-year-old actress married popular jazz musician and actor of Cuban Desi Arnas. Later in my first marriage, Lucille gave birth to two children. The pair of them attracted the attention of gossip, as lovers often behaved extravagantly, then divorced, then reconciled.
Beating more than 60 movies, Lucille ball got her Golden ticket into the annals of Hollywood history. In 1948 she played the eccentric wife in the radio program “My favorite husband”. The project has been very successful, so I decided to make her version entitled “I love Lucy” (1951-1957). Lucille agreed, but also insisted on the fact that the main male role was played by her real husband Desi. The project tells the story of how the wife of singer and actor Lucy also wants to be on stage, but her husband strongly opposed to this, considering it to be not talented, just a housewife, loving wife and mother. However, in response, the character Lucille is throwing an outrageous comic scene of house to showcase their talents.
Red-haired beast with blue eyes fond of the audience and the critics – the show was a tremendous success, high ratings, and the actress has received several nominations for “Emmy” and “Golden globe”. After the ball was played in several projects, but none of them surpassed the success of “I love Lucy”.
Twenty years after his first marriage, Lucille divorced. A year after separation, 50-year-old ball was married the second time for the Hollywood producer / actor Gary Morton, with whom she lived until his death.
In April 1989 Lucille had an operation for transplantation of the donor aorta. A few days later she died suddenly from a ruptured aorta.

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