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The sexiest French
Louis Garrel was ranked 15th in the list of the “15 sexiest men” in the French Elle magazine in the June, 2007 legal
Louis Garrel was born on 14 June 1983 in Paris, the son of Director Philippe Garrel and actress Brigitte Sy (FR. Brigitte Sy). A sister, Esther Garrel, also an actress. The actors were his grandfather is Maurice Garrel and grandfather. He graduated from the Higher national Conservatory of dramatic art in Paris in 2004.
Louis starred his father, a Director with six years, but the first success brought him the role of cinephile, the erotomaniac and rebel Theo in “the Dreamers” by Bernardo Bertolucci. This role is ideally suited to his image of unsmiling intellectual and nervous handsome. In 2006, Louis Garrel won the prestigious césar award for her role in the film of his father’s “Regular lovers” in the category “Most promising actor”. He was in the spotlight of the Cannes film festival 2007: in the film Valeria Bruni Tedeschi “Dream” Garrel. played lover’s forty-year old actress (her role is played by Valeria herself), and in the musical, Christophe honoré “All songs only about love” appears as a character a bisexual romance.
When creating the soundtrack “Songs” (2007) actor he had performed all the parties of the hero. Alex Bopen., the author of music and libretto, has received in 2008 the award “Cesar” — “Best music film”.
Louis Garrel was ranked 15th in the list of the “15 sexiest men” in the French Elle magazine in June 2007.
Personal life
In 2007-2012 was in the actual marriage with Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. Together in 2009, the couple adopted a girl from Senegal, whom they named céline.

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