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Birthday: 31.07.1914 year
Age: 68 years
Place of birth: Courbevoie, France
Date of death: 27.01.1983 year
Place of death: Nantes, France
Citizenship: France
Height: 164 cm
Louis slowly moved down the dimly lit corridor, stopping at each door, rattled the keys, unlocking the room. Looking at the next, he closed it and moved on. Every night his watch came to an end. He checked all the rooms and all the closets. Everything was in place. On a sad face for a moment appeared serene expression, but immediately disappeared at the sight of her son, who stealthily came out from the kitchen. Noticing his father, the boy was immediately rushed to her room just not to hear you native squeaky voice. Dad opened his mouth, but the son was gone.
De Funes often thought about how easy must seem to the life of his boys. The sons grew up, each of them wanted to go their own way that pretty much annoyed Louis. Take Olivier. With his appearance and data it was possible to make a career in the movies. When my father still managed to drag the young man to the shooting, he did everything perfectly. However, the cost of Olivier to see the plane, dad’s efforts were for nothing. De Funes-the senior often called a favorite son of a donkey. And he eventually became a pilot. Another son, Patrick, chose the profession of doctor. And it had to come to terms. Goodbye, dream of an acting dynasty!
Carlos Luis de Funes de Galarza the descendant of an ancient Portuguese family. For many years he had to force himself not to remember the origin. In the first place was to get rid of the awkward name. In his youth he had to get a piece of bread in the work for which was short Louis. Pianist Louis, accountant Louis, salesman, Louie the Shoe Louie… And changing role in life, he began to think about the theatre.
In acting class de Funes suddenly faced with a strange problem to him. Directors began to give him the role of romantic heroes, to which Louis was not ready. About his appearance he is not deceived, although in his youth was pretty good. But most likely he just did not have any “poetic” features. Quiet and sad de Funes left the course and started again to work as a pianist. Around him were many people, and Louis gradually felt (and later knew), what they need. Laughter, laughter to the loss of pulse.
The next attempt to conquer the stage was more successful. That he can be comedian de Funes have seen, is compounded of his beloved wife and a few friends. The theatre was tiny, had to earn money in night clubs. However, some of the spectators he managed to bring to hiccups, and one elderly gentleman was laughing so hard during the room, Louis almost died from a heart attack. However, the quarry was moving slowly. Only in 1945, 30-year-old de Funes starred in his first film. It was “Barbizon temptation” by Jean Stelli.
Contrary to expectations of a rise to fame followed. Before the actor really drew the attention of the audience and critics, he starred in 75 films. The episodes were hard on him, although everyone was sure of the opposite. Each film was added to the list of well-worked comic stunts, facial expressions and movements. At the same time melted the already poor supply of his joy of life. Outside of work Louis in the best case was pensive, at worst annoyed. In his later interview, he assured reporters that, just glad they traversed the difficult path to million fees and worldwide fame. While de Funes did not achieve all this, the tedious work often drove him to depression.
His wife Louis are not just loved – he was proud of it. Still, the granddaughter of guy de Maupassant gave him my heart. They not got married during the war, when the future inspector Juve was still humble supernumerary in the theater. The family became for the actor a subject of anxious love and tireless care. For his wife and children, he was ready for anything. However, households rarely had to hear from his lips the kind words. Louis was so afraid of losing people that were constantly in tension.
De Funes was well over 40 when his star finally began to rise lazily over the horizon. Many Directors understand that it is professional, has accumulated tremendous comic Luggage.
B0 years gave him everything he could only dream of. In the first place – true role and as a result, large, real money. Both these circumstances were in life, but he still couldn’t get rid of the “poverty complex”. Sons, for example, terribly angered his frugality, which they regarded as just greed. Too many years the father struggled to make ends meet.
With each new movie downloads Louis de Funes grew, as did his fatigue. When he became a millionaire, to refuse to work was prevented by the ego. How to abandon the role if it is written for you?
Hard work could not fail to affect the health. In March 1975, de funès was two heart attacks in a row. He permanently disappeared from the screens, gradually ceased to receive the invitation to act in a particular painting. And then Louis was offended by the whole world. Character comedian deteriorated completely, and this period has been a great trial to his relatives.
The actor no longer wanted to have anything to do with the movie. Selling a Paris apartment, he moved in bought near Nantes, the castle and pricked to write a scathing memoir. This is certainly the controversial book the world has been spared with Director Claude Zidi. He persistently called de Funes to appear in the movie “the Wing or a leg”. Comedian snorted and refused, but Zidi knew what they were doing. In the end, Louis came back. He made sure that his niche had not won, and has continued – albeit less vehemently.
In 1982 in the film “the Gendarme and zhandarmetki” died, Jean Giraud, favorite Director de Funes. The picture was finished his assistant. For comic this death was not only a shock but also a kind of signal. “Soon?” thought Louie.
Too much in his life was connected with that Director. Mainly due to Giraud at de Funes fell in love with the audience. “Only one puff”, “the Big break”, “Miser”, “cabbage Soup,” and several films about the adventures of the gendarme of Saint-Tropez – that they work together.
Died Louis de Funes in 1983, just a few months after surviving his friend. Upon learning of his death, many felt a sense of bewilderment. Like this? Who said that?
Most critics were inclined to think that the actor for his work always someone derided, showed the audience his shortcomings and forced to “work on yourself”. This is hardly the case. Laughter de Funes was different. Put them in his youth himself a task to make laugh and all was solved Louis is not easy, but he figured out a universal formula of laughter to know for sure is to laugh there are even deaf.
In the film “Oscar” there is a small episode, when de Funes doesn’t say a word. Play the face and hands. His fingers’ dancing on the suitcase with the jewels, the face also dancing for joy, and with the audience is something terrible. In the room at these moments it is a common moan. To laugh had no strength, cheeks and lips are numb, feel sick to my stomach that somebody is sucitu legs, and fingers Louis all jump.
At this moment understand that man is long gone in the world, still has power over you. He makes you twitching and sobbing from laughter. And, most importantly, he does it masterfully and DELIBERATELY.

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